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Volos is a mythical Greek city, one of the most important ports of the country in the Pagasetic Gulf. It is located 300 km from Athens, in the central part of Greece. It is often mentioned in Ancient Greek myths and legends. Numerous preserved architectural monuments serve as evidence of its legendary history. Volos is connected with the life of Jason and the quest for the Golden Fleece, myths about centaurs, Greek gods and travels of Hercules. Modern Volos is a year-round resort with a well developed infrastructure and many hotels.

Interesting Attractions of Volos

Travel around Volos gives tourists pleasant impressions. There are many beautiful, luxurious castles and houses, interesting modern buildings and magnificent temples. However, its surroundings are also very picturesque. You can visit the archaeological site, explore the village of Pelion or enjoy boat trips to the emerald Sporadis.
Pelion is another interesting historical settlement, offering a wonderful view of the boundless sea, ancient policies and architecture, mountains hiking and ski trails. Rich nature and mountain ranges inspire tourists to explore these wonderful lands.

Places to visit in Volos

Volos Castle rising among modern buildings in its western part is of particular interest. Once it was a grand shipbuilding center for manufacturing of galleys. This is a very picturesque area, which once was an economic heart of the city.
The Hill of Goritsa offers a colossal panorama of the city. There is the Church of Life-giving Source (Zoodochos Pigi), and below there is a small church dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary built inside the real cave.

Traveling with children

With kids, you can enjoy full-day yacht cruises. Eclipse Sailing Private Day Boat Trips Center will give you a stunning day of sailing along the coast on a beautiful wooden yacht. Stopping to swim in the clear waters with dolphins will bring a lot of positive emotions. Paizonaftes Club is a perfect place to relax and entertain children. The complex is equipped with jungle gymnastics, slides, bowling and other activities for small adventurers.

Restaurants and Cuisine of Volos

The waterfront accommodates many restaurants were tourists and locals are offered to try the national drink Tsipuro, perfectly combined with seafood appetizers. The popular Stafylos serves good Greek cuisine. The menu includes many vegetarian dishes, the restaurant also offers free treats and sweet buns for dessert. Enjoy amazing fragrances of cooked dishes, beautiful sea views and an excellent service.

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