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Guide to Hague
Guide to Hague

Interesting places and facts about the city Hague in Netherlands

The Hague is an oldest city of the Netherlands, which is of great importance for the entire European community. The amazing city features the legendary Ridderzaal building and the Palace of Peace, where the International Court of Justice currently located. Wider streets make European justice center look special and stand it out from the other Dutch cities. The Hague also offers travelers to admire classical Renaissance buildings and masterpieces of modern architecture. scantri will have a great car rental deals for active tourists who want to be first and feel comfortable in The Hague. We don’t want you to pay absurdly high taxi fares and miss your chance to visit all corners of the unique European city. We’ll book any car you’d like to drive and make your trip more dynamic with our fast sports car, practical sedans, SUVs, and wagons. Searching for a hotel on your own is definitely not the best idea. A wide variety of luxury hotels can confuse tourists and delay the searching process for an indefinite time. Experienced travelers advise people to use quality travel services and ask for help from proven companies such as scantri to get affordable and comfortable accommodation close to the city center.
We’ll quickly find you the cheapest flights and provide with a reliable car you to be able to get to The Hague for 15-30 minutes. Our travel agency’s main goal is to make your vacation abroad unforgettable. If you really want to use your free time productively, please contact us as soon as possible! Many years of experience in the tourism sector allows us to organize exciting trips to the most interesting corners of the globe.

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