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Guide to Graz
Guide to Graz

Interesting places and facts about the city Graz in Austria

Graz is a historic town in the southeast of Austria. It was founded in the 12nd century by Slavic tribes. Today, it is a modern city, a recognized European tourism and education centre. However, rushing into the future, Graz preserves its past carefully. The historic centre of Graz is well-preserved and restored. Historic center of the city is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, which is an assessment of the work done.Graz also features a great weather warmer than in the rest of Austria. Thanks to its favorable location, Graz is shielded from the northern and Atlantic winds by Alpine mountains, and open to warm Mediterranean winds. So you can enjoy many warm, sunny days in Graz. All this, as well as a favorable geographical location make Graz a popular tourist destination. Enumerating all the city sights and attractions can take a lot of time. Its main landmarks are the city historic center, Schlossberg mountain with the ruins of the Castle, a tower and a funicular, the Mura River, the museum of modern art, the artificial island and, of course, the University of Graz.
Surroundings of Graz represent a combination of lovely Austrian villages and carefully protected natural beauties. Tourists are also attracted by the popular Styrian ski resorts. Many people plan visiting to Graz in winter to combine the useful with the pleasant, combining educational tourism and skiing.

Must-see places in Graz

Enjoy beautiful views of Graz from the Schlossberg mountain observation platforms. Here you can also explore the ruins of the Schlossberg Castle with a well-preserved clock tower and casemates. There is another tower and square filled with souvenir shops. Among other sights, history fans highlight the Arsenal museum, a giant collection of suits of armor and weapons of all ages and epochs. Admirers of medieval architecture can order exciting sightseeing tours to see palaces of Graz. There are many palaces and castles, which can help you learn more about the development and formation of all architectural styles of the past.
Enjoy numerous parks, gardens, playgrounds, and interesting sculptures in Graz as a family. However, there are also must-visit places for your kids.Be sure to visit the Open Air Museum located near the city. Unique exhibits recreate the culture, life and customs of the Australians in the Middle Ages.Your kids will enjoy a plenty of interactive exhibits, which can be climbed, touched and controlled; in other words, children have fun acquiring various cognitive information.Lurgrotte Cave in Semriach is another must-see landmark. Underground labyrinths stretch for tens of kilometers. The 2-km tourist route passes through well-equipped and safe trails, and special lighting transforms gigantic stalactites into the fascinating giants, fantasy creatures, living in a magical and mysterious world.
Austrian cuisine combining German, Hungarian and East Slavic culinary traditions features the simple products and exquisite cooking. In Graz, the traditional Austrian cuisine is complemented by local specialties, and also called the Styrian cuisine. To taste the local dishes, you should visit the Glockl Brau restaurant located in the heart of the historic Old town. On the Schlossberg mountain, travelers can get acquainted with the Austrian cuisine at the Schlossberg restaurant. Magnolia offers its visitors the traditional dishes featuring haute cuisine trends. French and Italian cuisines as well as selected wines are also available.

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