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Guide to Glasgow
Guide to Glasgow

Interesting places and facts about the city Glasgow in Great Britain

Glasgow is one of Scotland's largest cities. It is located in the western part of the country along the River Clyde. According to historical data, the first settlements appeared here in the Neolithic times. Saint Mungo is considered a founder of the city. The city concentrates many museums and architectural monuments.

The most interesting sights

The majestic former City Hall building. The appearance of the beaux arts-style Town Hall includes the elements of Italian and Renaissance architecture. The halls are decorated with hand-painted tiles, and the lobby is made of mosaic. Many of the rooms, such as library, feature precious wood with carved ornaments. Kelvingrove Palace. The Palace was created exclusively for exposures of the world exhibition held in Glasgow in 1888 and was building on the site of the Park from scratch. Today, it is not only a museum, but also a picture gallery. The art gallery boasts such masterpieces as Van Gogh Portrait of the art dealer and Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvador Dali. Works by Rubens, Rembrandt, Claude Monet are housed here as well. In addition to paintings, the building contains many sculptures made by British sculptors of different epochs. The building is surrounded by a park where you can relax by the pond and have fun on the rides.
Science museum It is built on the site of the former docks for ships and superficially resembles a spaceship. The main hall is called the Science Mall and includes a planetarium, science theatre, and BodyWorks as well as the gaming lab where you can make experiments. City Tower. In the middle ages, every city in the United Kingdom had its tower, and Glasgow was no exception. The peculiarity of this tower is its preservation until our times. Like most English towers, it has its watch and observation deck, but, unfortunately, the insufficient height can't allow you to enjoy external views. The tower is surrounded by high buildings of the Victorian era.

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