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Guide to Geraldton
Guide to Geraldton

Interesting places and facts about the city Geraldton in Australia

Geraldton is a mid size city located relatively close to Perth on the Western Australia seashore washed by the Indian Ocean waters. It may be considered the only large city located in this area of the continent. At first glance, it may seem that the attractions and sites available here are restricted by some kind of geographical isolation of the city. Right now, we'll try to discover this place from different point of view.

Abrolhos Islands

Anyone who will look for this place in the web would find absolutely picturescue and magnificent photos of azure, deep blue and turquoise colors. The archipelago of 122 separate islands is the main attraction of the city, and not only as tourists in the boats but as divers, surfers and marine naturalists. The archipelago is stretched North to South at a distance 60 km off the city and is formed by three main groups of islands: Pelsaert, Wallabi, and Easter. The historical uniqueness of this place is completed with natural reserves of flora and fauna: one can easily become a cray fisher, and even a pearl hunter. To learn more about the history of this place visit WA Geraldton museum of Batavia events.
It is a must to order a full dish of local delicateses like fish and lobsters. Here are some best places to find this and much more: Gone Fishing for Fish and Chips with its best fish and chips actually and tolerant pricing; Sail-Inn Snack Bar - simple but bold local establishment with pedant approach to its marine dishes; Hooks Sea and Salad Bar with "fisherman's basket"; Stingers .

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