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Guide to Exmouth
Guide to Exmouth

Interesting places and facts about the city Exmouth in Australia

Exmouth refers to a small beach resort of North Western Australia. The city is located on the coast of the ocean, or rather, on the North West Cape, and is surrounded by rainforest. Entertainment Areas mainly include gastronomic tourism, a good golf course, all the conditions for diving. If desired, you can visit the nature reserves and nature parks. There is also widely developed sailing and yachting, just as hiking, and surfing.


If you are an ecological tourist, then the best option for recreation and sightseeing are the tours in such nature reserves as Cape Range National Park. Also, this list includes Karijini and Barlee Range National Parks and reserves.

3 Wonders Of Local Nature

Ningaloo Marine Park is a protected zone of Ningaloo Reef, the longest fringing reef in the country stretching for 300 km. So, the very first place in Exmouth is this one. It is very accessible, believe us! To get there you need just several meters snorkeling to the sea. Nothign to do with the Great Barrier Reef with exhausting far trips. Second miracle is diving in Turquoise Bay. This location is amost best in world for snorkeling. Third local paradise is Sandy Bay. It is place has absolutely white and clean sand, the same crystal water, and skies. A must place to go swimming with kids and for kite surfing.
This piece of historical heritage of the region provides tourists with crazy views from the top. The 360 panoramic image of both the sea and the hills is amazing while stopping near this place. Read about fascinating events connected to the lighthouse and take the advantage of its height freely.

Shark, Whale, and Dolphin Diving

Of course, you can watch all these incredible marine inhabitants. But why not diving all together? Especially when local guides would be accompanying you right to the gentle dolphins or unimaginable spotted giants. Tiger sharks, whale sharks, dolphing, and many more.
Ningaloo is both beautiful in its waters and above them right in the sky! Many people call the tour Birds Eye View the best thing to do in "Exmouth". So, such an adventure may become the best fit for you too. You even can take a video shot from such a height of the whole Ningaloo reef and print yourself a postcard!


Charles Knife Canyon is taken as a mini version of Grand Canyon. You're driving there by car when going South from the city. Be sure to find many interesting there as it is actually a protected natural park. Yardie Creek is another location of great views of the natural pond. It is located just 20 kilometers from Turquoise Bay. The scenery that would open here is one of the most picturesque in the whole part of the country, and the Creek itself with lovely boat tours heading each day is just amazing. Be careful with the wallabies!
At last, you can visit the local "turtles home" and be surprised with services and information provided here. After listening all that stuff - head right to the beach where watch and play with the multitude turtles swimming around. You can even notice the places with eggs recently laid! Dipen into the life with these amazing kind creatures!

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