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Guide to Exeter
Guide to Exeter

Interesting places and facts about the city Exeter in Great Britain

Exeter is the capital of Devonshire County located in the United Kingdom. Previously, the town consisted of winding and narrow streets, but after the Second World War the town was rebuilt and restored. Today, the city has a more modern look, but some streets as well as many city attractions are preserved in its original form.

The most interesting sights

The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter. The first mentions of the Cathedral date back to 1050, but 1133 is considered the official founding date. From the 12th to the 15th century the cathedral has acquired two 50-meters towers, the clock tower and the throne. Today, the Cathedral attracts tourists with a minstrels gallery: 12 sculptures of angels playing various instruments and organ. In addition, the Cathedral keeps a book of poems and riddles of the 11th century, and the astronomical clock of the 14th century. Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery. It was built in Victorian style in 1865. The museum is preserved in its original form to our days. The memorial museum houses the Office of Culture of the city of Exeter. The exhibits presented to the public reflect the history of Devon and Exeter since prehistoric times. There are natural history, archeology and other rooms in the museum.
Exeter is known not only for its museums and castles. There is something that keeps a centuries-old history, the underground tunnels of the city. Thanks to them, thousands of lives have been saved during the wars and plague. While traveling through the underground tunnels of the city you can feel the aura of those times. For security purposes, each tourist is provided with a helmet.
After visiting the Rougemont, head to the famous Northernhay Gardens. The garden was founded in 1612 to the delight of local residents. There are old trees, wonderful sculptures and monuments such as "The Deer Hunter" statue.

Places to go with kids

Go Ape Haldon Forest Park realizes the most cherished desires of young travelers. Before the entertainment, every visitor shall be instructed concerning the rules of climbing the rope ladders and conditions of use of the lift. In Topshire located close to Exeter, you can visit the outdoor swimming pools specially established for young tourists and local children. Here you can also visit a café or book a room to have some rest.

Eateries and restaurants

Herbie's is the only restaurant in Exeter offering its guests exclusively healthy food. The main components of dishes: only eco-friendly, non-toxic products. The assortment is presented by Mexican, American and Italian cuisines. Very delicious ice cream is served for dessert. By the way, a church was once located on-site the cafe.

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