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Guide to Emerald
Guide to Emerald

Interesting places and facts about the city Emerald in Australia

Emerald is a small Australian town located in the eastern part of the country in the state of Queensland. A modern city with a population of about 11 thousand people was founded in 1879 as a railway building base. Today Emerald is considered to be an important administrative, business and industrial center of Central Queensland. The town is rapidly developing due to the discovery of new coal deposits, agricultural development and a growing service industry. The town mainly specializes in growing cotton, citrus, grapes and cereal crops. The world-famous Gemfields area is located 40 kilometers west of Emerald. This place became known thanks to the world's largest deposit of sapphires discovered in 1875.

Fairbairn Dam

Fairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon are the most noticeable city landmarks than should be exploring immediately upon arrival in the wonderful eastern city. Especially it concerns those who like fishing and everything connected with it. Lake Maraboon became a popular holiday destination, mostly due to its 8 different fish species including barramundi. In addition, the must-visit spot for fishermen can offer travelers a large population of crayfish in the region. But do not worry if you are not fond of fishing! There is always something to see and do in the Fairbairn Dam area, including exciting water activities such as water skiing and swimming. Relax as a family after a busy day, enjoying numerous picnic tables and barbecues.
Visiting the Central Highlands area can become another exciting adventure for foreign travelers and their families in Emerald. Here you can explore the Emerald Botanical Gardens, a real tropical paradise located on the banks of the Nogoa River where people spend great time together and enjoy the morning walks with friends or children. The only Botanical Garden in the Central Western District established in 1987 occupies more than 42 hectares and offers visitors the possibility to get acquainted with the nature of Australia and its distinctive features. Botanical Gardens Emerland accommodating more than 10 plant communities providing unique plant species that are typical to these places.
The second city station was built in 1900 and today it is one of the remarkable landmarks in Emerald. Tourists come to this location to admire the wooden structure featuring iron roofs and wrought iron lacework. Station visitors can not miss an opportunity to make some memorable photos on a background of the heritage-listed Historic Railway Station restored just about 30 years ago. Nearby in the city centre you will also be able to see the ancient fossilized tree aged 250,000,000 years discovered during railway bridge building in 1979.

Van Gogh sunflower

Emerald is also famous for being home to the world's biggest sunflower paining by Van Gogh. You can find the must-see 25-metres high attraction in Morton Park. The 13-ton metal construction was an idea of Cameron Cross who presented seven sunflower constructions in 7 different countries. Another interesting point is a mosaic near the sculpture, which is a historical mosaic dedicated to the centennial history of the Australian city. By the way, close to the main cultural monument you will find the Visitor Information Center for travelers who want to get city maps or brochures on exploring the town and Central Highlands.

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