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Guide to Edinburgh
Guide to Edinburgh

Interesting places and facts about the city Edinburgh in Great Britain

Edinburgh is the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom. The city is situated in the eastern part of Scotland. It has a rich history and many attractions. The homeland of Walter Scott and Arthur Conan Doyle.

The most interesting sights

Rosslyn Chapel is considered the most sacred and mysterious place in the United Kingdom. Construction of the temple lasted for 40 years, and the interior decoration took about the same amount of time. The chapel cained its greatest worldwide popularity after filming the acclaimed "The Da Vinci Code" thriller. The Edinburgh Castle is world famous for filming the Harry Potter saga as well as for its history and decoration. Since the 12-th century, it was home to the Royal Scottish nobles. Here you can explore the most important relic of the city, the Stone of Destiny. It was once used for for coronation of the monarchs. Holyroodhouse Palace. Today, this building is a current residence of the Queen of England. Nevertheless, the doors of the palace are always open to foreign visitors. Here you can learn more about the history of Scotland during the Queen Mary's reign, a period characterized by conspiracies and murders. The mantle dressed for knighting ceremonies is another local relic.
The Royal Yacht Britannia. Built in 1951, it had been serving the royal family for 45 years. Today, all tourists coming to the city for the weekend can feel the aura of royal nobility. Here you can stroll along the deck, down to the bedroom of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, visit the Admiral's cabin or even see a kitchen, where the royal food was once cooked.
Among the locals Traquair House is famous for the large number of ghosts living here. And, of course, history fans will also enjoy visiting the mysterious house. In 1745, after passing through the Bear Gates, Prince Charles Edward Stuart had been living here for a while, and Mary, Queen of Scots stayed here with her family as well. By the way, here you can enjoy a real Jacobite ale brewed in the local brewery just at the Castle.

Places to go with kids

The Museum of Childhood is one of the first museums in the world, which brought together exhibits in one way or another related to the world of childhood. Here you can see a huge collection of toys, board games, and even childcare products for the youngest kids. The entire collection of the museum reflects the history of toys from the 18th century to our times. Some rooms demonstrate the street games popular in the 50s or school classes of the 30s or even buy souvenirs and toys for all ages.

Restaurants and cuisine

In the afternoon, you can visit the small cozy café Elefant House most famous as the birthplace of Harry Potter. Once a British novelist J. K. Rowling was sitting here at a table creating her famous saga. Last Drop Pub Only in this place you can try a real Scottish dish called haggis (a dish of lamb innards, served with mashed turnips) as well as a real ale, local wine, beer, and other drinks.

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