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Guide to Durban
Guide to Durban

Interesting places and facts about the city Durban in South Africa

In the southern part of South Africa, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, the city and resort Durban is located. This is the third city in the country after Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is called the “youngest” African city – it is believed that the average age of residents is 18. White beaches, luxury hotels, luxury vacation – this resort is not inferior to other! Also, the largest Indian community outside of India lives in Durban, so Indian culture has a strong influence with it.

Points of Interest and Landmarks of Durban

An important historical place and at the same time the center of resort life and entertainment in Durban is the 6-km embankment “Golden Mile.” Along the Golden Mile, the best hotels and restaurants, exhibitions and art galleries, casinos, entertainment and shopping centers are located. The central architectural monument of Durban is the city's Town Hall. A very beautiful colonial-style building with rich interiors struck the townspeople back in 1910, when it was built and opened. It still fascinates. Many believe that this is the most beautiful building in the country.
Be sure to visit the Botanical Garden of Durban. There are numerous birds on the lake located there, including flamingos and pelicans – you will have a rare opportunity to observe them in a natural habitat. There is a Garden of Orchids with a collection of rare plants, and a tea garden where visitors are offered drinks and pastries. The biggest shopping center in Durban is the Gateway Shopping Theater, which consists of 350 boutiques and shops where you can buy anything. There is also a complex of cinemas, a climbing wall and a skate park, playgrounds and play centers, restaurants and snack bars.
In the vicinity of Durban, there is the Lehr waterfall with a height of 110 meters. This is the center of extreme sports.

Things to do with children in Durban

The largest aquarium in South Africa is located near the Golden Mile. In huge aquariums in an area of 15 hectares, all kinds of marine life are represented Fans of thrill can dive in a pool with sharks (under the protection of a metal structure), and small visitors are invited to touch the starfish in a rocky pool. The aquarium offers visitors to watch dolphins and sea lions shows. Some of the rooms are designed in the form of ships, wrecked and sunken. Here, amusing and good-natured African penguins live. The complex of the aquarium includes a water park with the most extreme hills and attractions, as well as entertainment for guests of any age.
Italian and Chinese restaurants, international and marine are represented on the Wilsons-Wharf Pier. Street food also offers Indian cuisine – mostly curry in various variations – as well as traditional fast food. Chicken and various seafood dishes are very popular in Durban.

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