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Guide to Doncaster
Guide to Doncaster

Interesting places and facts about the city Doncaster in Great Britain

Doncaster, the 15-th largest city in the United Kingdom, is located in South Yorkshire. Doncaster was founded by the Romans in the 1st century AD and was called Danum. The town is located on the site of a major transport interchange, which ensures the attention of tourists. The unique nature of these places is closely intertwined with the majestic castles. The city was depended on coal mining, but the local mines were closed in 1970. After closing of the mines, the town became a quiet and calm place where you can relax and admire the beautiful architecture of ancient castles.

Doncaster Attractions

The majestic castle built in the 12-th century is definitely worth a visit. The Conisbrough castle is located on a hill near the town. A truly powerful building survived all the wars and disasters. The castle towers have a height of almost 30 meters. Walking through the Castle takes you back in time so that you can feel like a Knight in shining armor.
Be sure to visit Hall Cross Academy located in the centre of Doncaster. Built in 1350, it still welcomes students. The finest building built in neo-classical style will amaze you with its magnificence. Hall Cross Academy houses a huge library, the biggest one in the city. St. Catherine's Hospital is surprising for its architecture, taking into account the original purpose of this building. It is located 3 kilometers away from Doncaster. Previously it was used as a hospital psychiatric care. The most colourful and original room is considered to be the kitchen that is striking in its interior decoration. Today this building houses the health services.
Your kids will especially enjoy the Brockhall farm. On this farm, they can feel like young farmers, taking care of animals or play with them. The excursion is absolutely save and conducted under the supervision of qualified farmers. The joy of communicating with animals is guaranteed. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is also worth your kids' attention. Here you can find various wild animals from different continents including lions, giraffes, tigers, hippos, and even elephants.

Places to visit in Doncaster

In the evening, you can visit the local theater or cinema. The Doncaster Teatre offers interesting performances, the actors play at the highest level.

For gourmets

There are many places where you can enjoy great English meals in the city. You will not find the same menus among the city's restaurants. French and Italian cuisines are the most popular here. But the main feature of any restaurant in Doncaster is the barbecue. Work up an appetite before visiting the restaurant to be ready to enjoy huge portions. You will definitely enjoy service of any local pub and restaurant. A delicious dessert with a cup of tea will be served after the main dish.

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