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United States of America is a huge country occupying land about 60 million square kilometres, it has the border with Canada in the north and with Mexico in the south. The Hawaiian Islands represent one of the 50 states of America. The Atlantic coast is home to the oldest cities in America where most of the population (more than 9.5 million people) lives in the places of the most important historical events.
Such cities like New York, Boston and Washington stillretain the traces of strong European cultural heritage and promote the sense of national pride, dignity and independence. Western coast of the United States was inhabited quite recently some 150 years ago and it was developing in line with the rest of the country; there are many large cities like San Francisco that became a prosperous cosmopolitan city. People of America are warm, optimistic and cheerful, they welcome visitors of their country with open arms. In the north-east there are powerful Great Lakes, most of which cover an area larger than many European countries, and some of them lay on the Canadian border. Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio have historically been used for grain production, while the great plains on the west of America give you a chance to see real country cowboys in action. Hot and dry parts of land are used for livestock using traditional and more modern ways.
Nevada has rich natural diversity and itcombines well its landscape with environment supporting a wide range of local flora and fauna, from deciduous and broadleaf forests such as maple and oak on the east coast till the giant sequoias on the west; from the fertile and green farmlands to arid and barren desert wastes. Generally speaking, the climate in the United States is mild. In the ‘cold’ winter you still can chill out on one of the beaches of Southern California. Family holidays options in the United States are endless, for any taste - from quiet walks, Californian vineyards, bustling attractions in Florida, theme parks to the scenic splendour of Chicago Lakes and enjoying the mountain chalets or apartments in Colorado. It goes without saying that winter in America offers some of the best ski resorts in the world. Before you visit this country, you will not be able to truly experience the nature of America, its sizes and mind-blowing wealth of natural treasures.
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Cities USA

  • Las Vegas

    The most interesting places Las Vegas
    Las Vegas Noisy, gumbling and fashionable Las Vegas is located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, Nevada, USA. This is a major wedding center - newlyweds from all over the world come here to register marriages. However, on the streets you will meet people of all nationalities, ages and social status. They come to Las Vegas to escape from everyday life. There are no clocks and windows in casinos of Las Vegas - visitors should be focused only on the game. But outside the gambling halls, life is in full swing. Las Vegas Attractions Las Vegas concentrates the richest casinos and hotels, exciting street shows, engineering miracles and amazing natural monuments. The famous Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rocks - all of them are located in the vicinity of Las Vegas. The Guinness World Records Museum shows videos of all records. In the Natural History Museum you can see a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton. On Fremont Street, the oldest street in Las Vegas, you can walk through the remains of the first pavement, see how the first hotel and casino look right now, find out where the first gaming license was issued and the first high-rise building in Vegas was built. The world's tallest Ferris wheel is also located here. You can just go up to the sky and take pictures of the city, or you can do it with a bartender who mixes cocktails for you. Must-visit places in Las Vegas. In the morning, when the city rests after a stormy night, rent a car to explore a local nature. Such a large number of parks and reserves open to visitors in one day cannot be found anywhere else. To see the Grand Canyon, you'll need a helicopter or plane, while Hoover Dam can be reached by bus, and there are also various hiking trails. You can explore the surroundings of Las Vegas for several days. In daylight and without traffic jams, take a walk or drive through the streets. Here you will find replicas of many famous buildings of the world - the Egyptian pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the bridges of Venice. All these strange structures shine at night and boggle the imagination in the daytime. You can ride a gondola, climb the observation deck or just take a memorable picture. Climb to the Stratosphere Tower, where there is a chapel and extreme rides for adults (and yes, it's pretty weird!). A swing at an altitude of several hundred meters is not for the faint-hearted! After the rides go to Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health - an example of modern architecture. There is also a northern outlet, where the world's leading brands are represented and an amazing shopping experience is guaranteed. Traveling with children Once in Las Vegas with children, do not miss the "Solar Circus" show - this is where the home scene of the famous Cirque du Soleil is located. You will find many parks with spectacular rides for children of all ages, including Adventuredome or Midway Park. And the biggest roller coaster can be found in the park at New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Cuisine and Restaurants Las Vegas hotels have buffets, where you can have fast and varied breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is the easiest and most affordable way to have a bite. In Las Vegas there are both budget and expensive buffets where you can take crabs, lobsters and other delicacies, for example, a buffet at Belaggio casino. Sometimes buffets offer unlimited champagne and other drinks. The Strip Street accommodates the most fashionable restaurants with the best chefs. Michelin stars will help you find the right place. Use the OpenTable online service to reserve a table. Select your hotel, book your room and rental car on the website! Las Vegas is waiting for you!
  • Houston

    The most interesting places Houston
    Houston Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth most populous city in the United States. This is an industrial city, the center of many transport links, it has one of the largest ports in the world. Also, in Houston there is the famous NASA's Mission Control Center and a space center. Houston is located in the southeastern part of Texas, 30 km from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The Houston's climate is subtropical. The average temperature in January is 12 degrees and 29 degrees in July. The most interesting attractions Skyscrapers in Downtown can be called a kind of hallmark of Houston. There are 28 high-rise buildings, most of which are offices of various companies, banks, hotels, large supermarkets. The tallest building in Houston has a height of 305 meters. And be sure to visit the space center. It is located 32 kilometers south-east of the city center. Here is a large space museum as well as a theme park. In the center of the city there is a theater district where all kinds of art can be seen all year round: ballet, opera, music as well as many cinemas and parks. The brightest of them is the world-famous Houston-Grand Opera. The museum district, which is visited by more than 7 million tourists a year, is of particular interest.. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Natural History, the Children's Museum, the Holocaust Museum, as well as the Museum of the History of the Press and many others will not leave anyone indifferent. Must-visit places A traditional twenty-day festival of rodeo and cattle-breeding is held in the Reliant Park every year in late February-early March. The festival includes various competitions, pig runs, performances of popular pop stars and, of course, the traditional Texas rodeo. In May, Art Car Parade is held. During this event, a huge variety of fancy decorated cars and bicycles drive through the city. You should also visit the largest entertainment center - Bayou-Place with a lot of bars, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs. In the Memorial Park - one of the largest parks in the US - you can enjoy sports such as tennis, golf, volleyball and much more, as well as visit a swimming pool. Traveling with kids Children's Museum of Houston will surely impress and surprise young visitors. The area of 90 thousand square meters is divided into 14 sections devoted to various topics. Here, children learn to conduct all sorts of experiments, inflate soap bubbles of unusual shapes, build houses, and much more. Houston Zoo. Its history began more than 100 years ago. The zoo covers an area of 22 hectares, here you can see about 900 species of different animals in their natural habitat. Various species of marine animals and fish can be found at the Downtown Aquarium. In addition, there are various rides, including the Ferris wheel. Cuisine and Restaurants Local restaurants offer their visitors authentic cuisines from all over the world. By the way, it should be noted that prices in most restaurants are quite democratic. The so-called Tex-Mex cuisine, a fusion of Mexican and American cuisines, is very popular here. All sorts of seafood dishes are also popular. Pita+ is a popular inexpensive cafe that can be visited by the whole family. Here you can try traditional meat sausages with pita and vegetables. The Breakfast Club is a cafe famous for its chicken wings, which are in great demand among locals. Book a hotel room or car rental services on the website! Scantri will make every effort to make your stay in Houston comfortable and safe.
  • Manhattan

    The most interesting places Manhattan
    Manhattan It is impossible to feel the spirit of New York without Manhattan. This is the historical part and one of the five boroughs of the city. Manhattan is the birthplace of New York, and at the end of the 18th century it has included other neighborhoods. Today the borough unites three territories: Middletown, Uptown and Downtown. Manhattan accommodates the highest skyscrapers, the largest financial corporations and banks, a fusion of old buildings and modern structures. If you walk along its streets, you can see how the New York houses looked two hundred years ago. To fully enjoy the view of Manhattan, be sure to visit the main tourist "attraction" - the Staten Island Ferry. The pride of Manhattan: from skyscrapers to ancient churches. Manhattan concentrates most of New York's attractions. The most famous skyscrapers are the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. The triangular-shaped Flatiron Building became the first city skyscraper. The unusual skyscraper is located on Madison Square. Take a walk along the famous business street - Wall Street. The financial center of the world unites the New York Stock Exchange, banks, Federal Hall. In Manhattan there is the world-famous Broadway - a longer street cannot be found anywhere else in NY! There are many office buildings and headquarters. Despite its modernity, Manhattan boasts of its old architecture. The Church of St. Paul built in the 18th century is pretty well preserved. Look at the Holy Trinity Church, the Gracie mansion and other Renaissance-style buildings. The Church of St. John the Evangelist is the fourth largest Christian church in the world. Manhattan attractions also include Central Park, Grand Central Station, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum, Rockefeller Center. The legendary Statue of Liberty belong to this area as well. Leisure in Manhattan Statue of Liberty tours are very popular among travelers. A simple way is to use the ferry that travels between Lower Manhattan and Staten Island. The absolutely free water transport runs around the clock. Admire the surroundings of the city from the Empire State Building. To get inside, you need to buy an entrance ticket. You can see Manhattan from the Rockefeller Center skyscraper overlooking Central Park. A walk on Madison Avenue concentrating high fashion will also be memorable. Fabulously expensive goods, clothes and accessories can be found in small boutiques. This a kind of museum for many tourists. Connoisseurs of architecture and music will surely appreciate Carnegie Hall. This is one of the most prestigious venues for classical performances. While in Manhattan, be sure to visit the National Museum of the American Indian, the American Folk Art Museum. Traveling with children In Manhattan there are two zoos. A large area is occupied by Kansas State University Insect Zoo. You can see exotic birds and predators. The Children's Museum leaves the brightest impressions. On the ground floor, the child learns about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, gets acquainted with the human body, hears about the importance of sleep. A children's fruit factory is of particular interest! Kids pck berries and throw them into a pipe. Restaurants in Manhattan Manhattan residents visit restaurants and cafes three times a week. Their number goes of the scale. The 46th street is particularly popular. It even has an appropriate name - Restaurant Row. Those who are interested in ethnic restaurants head to 9th Ave. In the Italian quarter of Manhattan you can taste the national cuisine. Near the business districts there are Chinese and Indian restaurants. "Little Italy" smoothly passes into the Chinatown. This is another attraction of New York. Here you cn an find authentic Chinese dishes. Take care of your hotel room and car rentals in New York on!
  • New York

    The most interesting places New York
    New York New York city is located on the Atlantic coast in the US state of New York. Every year millions of travelers visit the world's largest tourist center. The giant, dynamic metropolis accommodating thousands of nations and cultures attracts tourists from around the world and gives them unique, unforgettable experiences and emotions. Major attractions in New York You can find a lot of interesting places worth seeing in Manhattan. The world-famous Metropolitan Opera, the Chelsea Hotel, the UN headquarters, the first historical skyscrapers and more. Manhattan is one of the most densely populated places of America, the value of land is extremely high here, and this explains the large number of skyscrapers in this area. Among must-see attractions are the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park ( "the Green Lungs"), the Botanical Garden, the famous suspension bridges, and Broadway with its famous theaters. Places to visit in New York Like any other metropolis, New York city offers a large and varied cultural program. Lincoln Center, the main cultural center in the city, surprise connoisseurs with something really interesting and original, since the center offers its numerous halls designed for performances by famous music, theater, ballet and opera groups as well as global events, including the famous New York Film Festival. Traveling with children There are many interesting places for your kids In New York. The National Museum of Natural History should become the first destination. You child will learn about the evolutionary history of life on Earth in a fascinating form using interactive technologies. The Intrepid Museum located on an aircraft carrier will be definitely enjoyed by young explorers. Children are given the opportunity to go inside the submarine of 1950s and see the unique aircraft collection. In Sony Wonder Technology Lab museum, your child is told about advances in technology all over the world in simple terms without complicated formulas. Be sure to take your kids to Bronx Zoo, the largest zoo in the United States, located in Bronx Park. Take a walk in Central park to find another interesting zoo. It was opened in the late 19th century as a menagerie consisting of exotic animals. Besides the rare and endangered species of animals (tamarins, Wyoming toads, small pandas), there are the sea lion pool, the penguin house, an indoor rainforest, and an ant colony. This place has become a filming location for Madagascar, a popular American animated film. Cuisine and Restaurants in New York Restaurants and cafes in New York are very diverse and reflect the multiethnic population of the city. NY is ready to offer national cuisines of all countries, so any traveler can easily find a suitable place to have a meal. Among the budget ones are Daisy May's BBQ, a cafe located near Times Square serving great meat dishes. Back Forty West restaurant located in Soho provides an original menu with a large selection of the highest quality food and drinks. Broadway accommodates many excellent restaurant and cozy cafes, including Masa, serving great sushi and other seafood, and Per Se Time Warner Center, where you can try Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, the unique city that absorbed all the national cultures of the world, living in mad rhythm and infecting with its love of life, will not leave you indifferent. If you want to go back to New York again, take the opportunity to book a hotel room or rent a car on!
  • Orlando

    The most interesting places Orlando
    Orlando The city of Orlando is located in the center of Florida, US. The world-famous city is popular among tourists. When Walt Disney World was built here, it began to develop rapidly and multiplied its population. The central street is Orange Avenue. Once citrus cultivation was the main occupation for the locals. Now the main street accommodates hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants. And on Iola Lake there is an unofficial symbol of the city - the world-famous fountain. Orlando Attractions The most interesting and popular sights can be found on i-4. This highway will lead you to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the largest amusement parks in the United States of America. Disney World is striking in its scale. There are four parks, each one with its own theme, a couple of water parks, and many other entertainments. Another major amusement park, Universal Orlando Resort, is equally popular among foreign tourists. It has two theme parks and several hotels. Cypress Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden, and Gatorland is a world of reptiles. Orlando is also known for its beautiful beaches, a trip to which can take quite a long time - they are a couple of hours away from the city. Must-visit places While in Orlando, be sure to visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. In the Apollo/Saturn V Center you will see real spaceships. Every day the space center shows thematic films about space on a big screen. In a park near Iola lake you can have a great time, both in the daytime and at night. In the middle of the Lake there is a large illuminated fountain. At night, the view of the lake is fantastic. Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe must be visited by every tourist. The beautiful church is surrounded by lovely gardens. Such a quiet, peaceful and cozy place perfectly suitable for spiritual practices and meditation. Gatorland Park is a place for those who like crocodiles and alligators. More than a hundred different species, including albinos. The main feature of the park is a lake with a lot of birds living around it. Crocodiles and alligators live separately from each other in special enclosures. Traveling with children Orlando is a city worth traveling with kids. Of course, start your trip with a visit to Disney World. Every child will find something to do here. It's impossible to explore it in one day, so it's better to stay at a hotel and set aside a couple of days for walking around the Disneyland parks. You'll find four theme parks and several water parks. There is always something to do, because in the park there are well-mainteined golf courses. Disney Animal Kingdom is a unique zoo conceptualized by Walt Disney himself. This place is the world of animals. The second largest theme park is Universal Orlando Resort. Maybe it is smaller, but also pretty interesting. Be sure to visit La Nouba Cirque du Soleil, this circus branch shows incredible performances that can only be seen in Orlando. For Gourmets Orlando cuisines are as varied as its entertainments. A traditional dish is fried chicken wings with spicy sauce. Diner Johnson is one of the most popular restaurants. Its specialization is fried foods. The restaurants serves delicious meat and vegetables dishes, which makes it quite popular among vegetarians. Beer lovers are encouraged to visit Celt Irish Pub. Lac-Viêt - a great inexpensive Vietnamese restaurant suitable for the rest between walks. Victoria & Albert's is the most expensive and large city restaurant. Its halls are spacious and attractive, the cuisine is varied, a wide selection of delicacies. Book a hotel room or car rental services in Orlando on the website!
  • Miami

    The most interesting places Miami
    Miami Sunny Florida, the Atlantic coast, the United States. The main thing in Miami is sunny beaches, eternal summer and the atmosphere of a long vacation. That is for what thousands and thousands of tourists come here every year. And thanks to them, the city economy receives almost twenty billion dollars annually. Whether to invest your savings to the city budget or not - you decide, but there is no doubt that everybody wants to visit this little paradise. Miami Attractions Where there is a place for rest, there must be a place for romance. Once an immigrant from Latvia Edward Leedskalnin built a Coral Castle consisting of huge blocks for his beloved here. Locals will tell you the history of this castle and legends associated with this must-see landmark. A visit to Ernest Hemingway House-Museum located on the island of Key West, not far from the city, will be no less interesting. An interesting fact, the island is famous for the huge number of cats living here as part of the local population. Take a chance to have a peep at the Kennedy Space Center. Its territory is practically closed to visitors, but some parts can be viewed quite officially. Places to go There are two completely different parks within the city. The Everglades National Park is a few thousand square kilometers of wild untouched nature with a single road passing through it and thousands of animals. Another one is Lummus Park. The coastal strip running along the ocean is one of the most picturesque places of the city. Lincoln Road is a shopping Mecca with thousands of famous brands. Showcases, shopping, money. What about intellectual enrichment? Go to the Bass Museum of Art. This small building can surprise even the most demanding connoisseur with the presence of unusual exposures. Renaissance paintings exist here side by side with Voodoo cult objects. Not bad? Traveling with kids Of course, many people take their children to sunny California beaches. The city is quite ready to offer small travelers unforgettable tourist experiences. Zoo Miami provides traditional entertainment. Many animals from different continents live here all year long outside cells or enclosures. Lovers of sea creatures are encouraged to visit a local oceanarium. Daily shows of dolphins, sea lions and killer whales will not leave indifferent young visitors and their parents. In addition to the natural and water activities, other entertainments are not ignored. Children's Museum is a kind of exposition imitating daily life of the whole city. Everyone will surely like this place. For Gourmets The small island of Brickell Key is ready to offer you Greek, Asian or Latin American cuisines. Among the numerous restaurants "Acqua", "Cafe Sambal" and "Porcao" deserve a special attention. Lincoln Road shopping district is ready to surprise visitors with its big restaurants for a full dinner or small cafes for a quick snack. Italian pizzeria "Pizza Rustica III" or "Miss MAO" and "Hofbrau Beerhall" restaurants serving Chinese and German national cuisines respectively really stand out. On Collins Avenue among the abundance of representatives of taste buds irritants we can pay attention to "Nobu", a Japanese Restaurant Chain owned by Robert De Niro himself, or wonderful "Senor Frogs" restaurant with its Mexican cuisine. The website is ready to help you select the right hotel and reserve rental cars in Miami.

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