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Senegal is one of the most exciting countries of the African continent. Once a colony of France, it has been long seeking to join Western culture, but in vain. Former colonialists left it only colonial houses and French language. In the rest it is African Republic with the unique culture, exotic traditions and famous Senegalese fabrics.

When it is better to go to Senegal?

In Senegal seasons are divided into wet and dry. Unlike the mainland where the rains last up to six months, in the north the moist season can last only a month. Tourists are recommended to go on a trip during the dry period that is from October to March in the most pleasant weather without debilitating heat and humidity. Still in the rainy season you should not be bothered over spoiled memories – in Dakar and on the coasts rain is rare, and the temperature stays within reasonable limits. It is not the case for the internal regions of the country because
hotels in the Senegalese inland get closed due to extremely high temperature.

Characteristics of holidays in Senegal

Lately Senegal is going through a period of popularization as a tourist destination. In this regard, everywhere new hotels open up, offering quite decent service. For gastronomic experiences lovers’ restaurants are open, and for mind relaxation are offered the new excursion routes. Tourist advantages of Senegal are not scarce: it has various landscapes, and there are plenty of opportunities for active holidays. Main travellers’ objects of attraction in Senegal are its stunning beaches with turquoise water, protected areas with baobabs and mangroves as well as yellow-brown Savannahs. Exotic adventure here is fishing which may surprise and delight even the most experienced fisherman. Among the most coveted trophies are different species of sharks, mackerel, Barracuda, or fish-saw. To the delight of holiday makers, the first fishing is organized by the hotel staff completely free of charge.

The most interesting places of Senegal

Attractions of Senegal are the ecological reserves, unique objects of nature and historical monuments. Fans of history will enjoy Saint Louis that is the second capital of the country. It is considered one of the most interesting places of the country with colonial-era monuments that placed the city into the UNESCO list. One
of the local art works is the arched bridge built under the project of the Monsieur Eiffel. Pink lake Retba can be referred to one of the bright natural sights of Senegal; it is a unique natural phenomenon that previously served as the final destination of the Paris-Dakar rally. The salt level of the reservoir is much higher than in the world-famous Dead Sea and pink water is a result of vital activity of special bacteria. You cannot swim here because its components quickly corrode the skin, but observing the salt collection by locals will be very exciting. Near Dakar a few fashionable resorts are located. Among them are Les Almadies with its rocky landscapes and calm sunny Petite Cote with gentle sandy beaches. You can add the same colours to the African adventure in the local ethnic markets introducing culture and life in Senegal. The most interesting for travellers is likely to be the covered Bazaar in the ‘peanut capital’ of Kaolack as well as the cheapest in the country March-Saint-Maur in Ziginshor. Senegal is an excellent choice for those who longs for the exotic of the African continent and who are not ready to abandon the comfort. Luscious landscapes, outlandish fauna and bright locals – this is what awaits travellers in this picturesque French-speaking Republic. Choose the perfect hotel of Dakar or other Senegal city on our website
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Cities Senegal

  • Dakar

    The most interesting places Dakar
    Dakar Dakar is the capital and largest city of Senegal, as well as the westernmost city of the African continent. About a million people live here. Sub-equatorial climate ensures the air temperature in winter not lower than 10 degrees Celsius, in summer – 35-40. However, as the city is washed by the ocean, sea breezes slightly cool the capital of Senegal. Points of Interest and Landmarks of Dakar In the western part of the city, not far from the coast, the grand bronze monument of the African revival is located. It was erected in 2010, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Senegal from France. The monument is one of the most famous sights of Dakar. The pink lake Retba can be seen 20 km from the city. The lake received its name due to the reddish shade of water, which can change throughout the year. The reason for the unusual color is the high content of cyanobacteria in the water. Not far from Retba, there is a beautiful camping site. These places are like paradise – sand tracks, small palm trees, lulling birds singing. A few kilometers to the north of the city, the oldest lighthouse of the capital – Mamel stands. It is considered the most powerful in Africa, along with the “Cape of Good Hope” from South Africa. The structure was built in 1864, when the French fort was located on the site of Dakar. The light produced by the lighthouse can be seen by ships at a distance of more than 50 kilometers from the shore. You can enjoy beautiful views of Dakar and the peninsula. The most famous museum of the capital is the museum of Theodor Mono, the oldest in West Africa. Significant contribution to the development was brought by the first president of Senegal, Leopold Senghor. The building hosts regular exhibitions of contemporary art. Near Dakar, there are several small islands. One of them is Madeleine. The island became famous for one of the world’s smallest national parks. Madeleine guides guide tourists to places of ancient settlements and also tell about some things of the Stone Age, found here. Another island – Goree – was previously a major center of the slave trade. There are still slave trade markets and the owners’ houses. The area of the island is the fifth part of a square kilometer, but there are about 1100 people living here. The island is included in UNESCO's cultural heritage list. Despite the small size, on the island there are several elite hotels and budget hotels, as the surrounding beaches are a favorite tourist destination. The Grand Dakar district is quite popular in the capital. There are many educational institutions, mosques, embassies, offices. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Things to do in Dakar The most popular tourist destinations are beaches. The most popular beach resort is Les Almadi. Numerous markets also attract tourists. The oldest and most famous is Carmelu. It is decorated in the old style, with unusual buildings and columns of the century before last. Things to do with children in Dakar There are not many places for children in Dakar. The most popular is Magic Land in the downtown. In the park, there is a Ferris wheel, many children’s attractions, snack bars, a mini football field and a tennis court. Adventure “Acrobabaab” is a park in which kids can climb trees, ride a boat and much more. Cuisine and Restaurants of Dakar Many places offer tourists the national cuisine. One of the best restaurants is Le Ryad with a stylish design. The restaurant La Fourchette offers very original dishes. Café de Rome is budgetary cafe, but the food here is of high quality. It should be noted that tips are not accepted here. Book a room in a city hotel or car rental service at just before traveling to this historic and beautiful land.

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