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Small European country Montenegro that has been for long a part of Yugoslavia is situated on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan peninsula. The country relief is diverse. Coastal land turns into the plains in the central part leaning against the mountains covered with forests. There are many small lakes created by the glaciers that once covered the mountains. Montenegro is one of the youngest country of the continent, it became independent in 2006.

When it is better to go to Montenegro?

The most favourable time for holidays in this Balkan country are the periods from late April to early July and August to September. At this time the resorts are filled with tourists coming from the neighbouring regions. Traditional Mimosa Festival is held annually in the resort Herceg Novi and nearby towns in the middle of February. Within two weeks’ colourful parades of majorettes accompanied by amateur and professional orchestras take place.Then costumed celebrations, songs and dances start. Their participants have in their hands or cloth Mimosa flowers. At the same time, various concerts,
performances and ball masquerades are going on. First six days of March is the time for the Kotor Carnival. His program is very diverse. The action starts with the 'concert under the masks' in the local church. The next few days various celebrations, cheerful contests and competitions are held. Then the holiday lottery is organized and on 6 March the main carnival procession through the streets of the city is held.The atmosphere is just great! Days of Camelia are original and colourful celebrated in Stoliv,Spring Masquerade in Budva and Fish night in Ulcinj. It is worth visiting the fair of souvenirs in Becici and 'Bokel night' prepared specially for tourists in Kotor.

Characteristics of holidays in Montenegro

Country offers all the opportunities for the most diverse, beneficial and interesting holiday. Wonderful climate, bright nature and availability of historical monuments will allow you to choose the activities of your taste. Fans of the sun tan and swim will enjoy the facilities on the resorts of Ulcinj Riviera. Sand on the local beaches contains sea salt and iodine that is good for health. Immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife in the hotels of the Budva Riviera, while peaceful and charming atmosphere of the wild beaches around Bar will allow you to relax in privacy. Infrastructure is developed everywhere and the comfort level is high enough. There are several balneology institutions of quite decent level that are worth visiting for recreation. In sanatorium 'Vrmac' the patients with lung diseases are
treated and the preventive procedures for cardio-vascular system are conducted. One of its beaches is a sulphur source which waters are used to treat female infertility. Recreation complex 'Split' is suitable for people experiencing problems with neurology and skin diseases. Mud treatments near Sutomore are widely known in the country and abroad.

The most interesting place of Montenegro

Coming to the country, one cannot miss visiting a unique monastery Ostrog. It was built in the 17th century on a tiny plateau located at an altitude of 900 metres above the sea level. Visually it seems as if the building appears directly out of the rock. There the Orthodox relics are preserved: the relics of St.Stanko and Bishop Vasily.They are attributed a miraculous power healing the heavily ill people. Ancient Citadel in Budva erected in the 15th century is in excellent condition.It was considered the largest fortress in the entire Adriatic coast at that time. Fortress placed on a cliff over the precipice reliably protected the city from the enemies for many centuries. Its thick walls and powerful towers even now look very impressive. Here you can visit a small Historical Museum. It is a must to make a trip to Montenegro because in this hospitable country you can relax on beaches as well as explore the wonderful historic sites, and also to improve your health and gain energy for the whole year!Choose on our website a suitable hotel of Podgorica, Budva or other Montengrin city, book a room and start your trip!.
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