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England is located on the British Islands, it is the largest part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This country and its capital London is visited by tens of millions of tourists annually. London with its rich history, culture and numerous attractions seem the main magnet for visitors.
England occupies the entire southern part ofthe British Islands limited by the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. 39 counties that have been autonomous administrative units since middle ages now impatiently wait for tourists to show their incredible attractions. Landscape of England is mostly flat, with swamps, lush forests, hills as well as low Pennine mountains. Considerable interest triggers the National Park called the Lake District with its amazingly beautiful lakes. Popular seaside resorts Bristol and Plymouth with their wonderful medieval historical centres invariably impress tourists, and the port cities of Liverpool and Manchester are admirable. And everywhere here one can have good holidays. No guest of England should miss visiting London, the capital of Great Britain and the largest city of the British Islands where officially more than 7
million people live. The city is the residence of the royal family, and here, as a result of old traditions and rich history has been accumulated an enormous amount of attractions and sacred buildings. The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or St Paul's Cathedral are no less exciting than the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum or other cultural pearls of the city. Tourists visiting London are recommended to start a city tour on one of the many special buses to get a first glimpse of the city and its attractions. It is also advisable during travelling in England to go to the Stonehenge, one of the most important bronze age archaeological sites in the world and one of the most mysterious places on our planet. Everyone coming here observes that in the country with clearly pronounced traditions pleasant, calm and cheerful people live.
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Cities Great Britain

  • London

    The most interesting places London
    London London is an amazing and mysterious city, the largest of those on the British Isles, and definitely the oldest one. It is a place of historical monuments, honed architectural ensembles, most important museums in the world, magnificent art galleries, picturesque suburbs, and broad shady parks, reminding the atmosphere of the village Shire from Lord of the Rings movie. Symbols of the city Traditional symbols of London are St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, the place of coronation and burial of British monarchs while people’s common place is Trafalgar Square, on which meetings, mass celebrations, and demonstrations are often held. Indeed, the Big Ben and the Tower had to be the first in this list, but they rather comprise historical treasure and act as a museum place than a symbol of London, which, today, may be presented even by well known usual things. London’s Unique Things The famous public subway itself or the London’s Tube was created in the distant past. But today, its map, tickets, and cards are such things that imply an attraction with preserved typical and even historical features as “Mind The Gap” inscriptions that should yet be deciphered by modern people. The phone box or the booth is now one of the most recognizable symbol of the city serving now as a monument to the bygone era. Its red color, a trend in London, initially was extremely helpful in finding the booth in the fog. Do not forget to ride on another famous red thing - a double-decker bus. These are depicted on many postcards from the city. Black cabs are other unique things that form an image of London taxis and an impression of reliability and charm as well as Scotland Yard officers’ helmets which are also black and form an unique design template. Places To Catch The Best Picture London Millennium Footbridge is the place where the city appears in all its glory. Do not forget to use camera to take a shot of the greatness and serenity of the River Thames. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is the best place to explore the vast landscapes, and a perfect place for large-scale festivals and celebrations. London Eye will allow you to see the city from a height of 45 floors from a bit futuristic luxury cabins with air conditioning - comfort for all the guests of the city! London For Party People Nightlife in London is known as one of the most dynamic and diverse things in the world. This is true for everything: clubs, live concerts, trendy bars, and traditional pubs. Party people from all over the world, and especially dance music or Ministry of Sound lovers, tend to visit the club called Fabric. Jazz lovers prefer Ronnie Scott's establishment or Jazz Cafe, a restaurant with futuristic white walls, where you can often hear the bold combination of Latin rhythms, rap, funk and hip-hop. As far as the blues Station Tavern is the best place in London. Indispensable attribute of nightlife in London is themed evenings, which are almost undiscoverable without street flyers.
  • Glasgow

    The most interesting places Glasgow
    Glasgow Glasgow is one of Scotland's largest cities. It is located in the western part of the country along the River Clyde. According to historical data, the first settlements appeared here in the Neolithic times. Saint Mungo is considered a founder of the city. The city concentrates many museums and architectural monuments. The most interesting sights The majestic former City Hall building. The appearance of the beaux arts-style Town Hall includes the elements of Italian and Renaissance architecture. The halls are decorated with hand-painted tiles, and the lobby is made of mosaic. Many of the rooms, such as library, feature precious wood with carved ornaments. Kelvingrove Palace. The Palace was created exclusively for exposures of the world exhibition held in Glasgow in 1888 and was building on the site of the Park from scratch. Today, it is not only a museum, but also a picture gallery. The art gallery boasts such masterpieces as Van Gogh Portrait of the art dealer and Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvador Dali. Works by Rubens, Rembrandt, Claude Monet are housed here as well. In addition to paintings, the building contains many sculptures made by British sculptors of different epochs. The building is surrounded by a park where you can relax by the pond and have fun on the rides. Places to go Science museum It is built on the site of the former docks for ships and superficially resembles a spaceship. The main hall is called the Science Mall and includes a planetarium, science theatre, and BodyWorks as well as the gaming lab where you can make experiments. City Tower. In the middle ages, every city in the United Kingdom had its tower, and Glasgow was no exception. The peculiarity of this tower is its preservation until our times. Like most English towers, it has its watch and observation deck, but, unfortunately, the insufficient height can't allow you to enjoy external views. The tower is surrounded by high buildings of the Victorian era. Places to go with kids The Wonder World Adventure Center is a real paradise for your children. Here you can find the auto racing and mini football fields as well as a zone made of soft modules. There are also four spacious halls for celebrations and parties. There are a children's cafe offering the menu rich in beneficial properties and sweets. As an adult, you can visit a pizzeria and order pasta, pizza or something else. The Climbing Academy Boulder Club. Here everyone can try yourself in the role of a climber. The club hosts special family mountaineering courses, which automatically make each participating a life member of the Academy since the age of 18, regardless of the country of residence. Nightlife and Restaurants Blackfriars. Beer lovers will definitely appreciate this bar. The bar assortment features over 60 beers. Live jazz, small rock and blues concerts as well as comedy shows on Sundays attract many locals and tourists. The cuisine with no masterpieces includes all the classic English meals and appetizers. The Horseshoe. Have a good time enjoying karaoke in the bar made in the form a horseshoe. The length of the bar is more than 30 meters. During the football team's home matches, the bar is crowded with locals, making it one of the most popular places in the city. Tea Rooms @ The Butterfly & The Pig. Embroidered tablecloths, crockery, antique furniture, and carved bar made in 1918, once owned by a brothel, this all form a coziness of a small restaurant. Fans often gather here for sporting events, and locals come to enjoy the tasty salmon, soups, and great sandwiches.
  • Manchester

    The most interesting places Manchester
    Manchester Manchester's history dates back to the 10th century. Located in the north-western part of England, it is a major commercial, industrial, and cultural center of the United Kingdom. The population of the city is more than 2.5 million people. The most interesting sights Manchester Art Gallery has opened its doors in 1823 and today houses more than 25 thousand exhibits, the brightest representatives of art such as: about 2 thousand oil paintings, more than 3 thousand watercolor paintings as well as sculptures, various miniatures and prints. Football Museum. The museum has been opened in 2012, and now it invites travelers to see the exhibits connected with the football. Manchester Museum is a unique repository of more than 4.5 million objects collected from around the world. All the expositions, in one way or another, are connected with archeology, natural history, etc. Here you can find almost everything: arms, minerals, fossils, stuffed mammals, artifacts from Africa, and much more. Places to go The City Hall built in 1877 is a striking example of Gothic/Renaissance style. The central part of the City Hall is considered to be a clock tower with a height of 85 meters. The tower features a carillon with 23 bells. Big Abel, the biggest one, weighs approximately 8 tons. There are offices and halls for ceremonies inside the City Hall. The entrance to the Hall is guarded by statues dedicated to the influential residents of the city. Places to go with kids Rock Over Climbing Centre is a unique place for children of all ages and their parents. Slides are not only challenging, but also very tall. And very young visitors can visit a separate hall where they will explore a small slides, small tunnels, rock climbing walls and many toys. The Center employs professional climbers, who are responsible for the safety of visitors. Vertical Chill Ice Wall is located in a building with a constant temperature of -12C. The nature of such an entertainment allows children age not less than 14. Only people having a good physical preparation can conquer the ice wall. The height of the wall is 8 meters. The professional climbers will help visitors feel safe and confident. Restaurants and cuisine Mark Addy. A PUB featuring an interesting design. From the inside, the building looks like a "seedy time" wine bar with elements of glamor of the early 80's. The dishes offered by the chef don't feature elegance, but have unsurpassed taste. The pub menu includes ribs and blood sausage, the appetizers of eggs, bhaji with cheese, and sandwiches. Beer and, of course, al are the main drinks. The cost of meals is rather not expensive by local standards. Pancho's Burritos. A small Mexican restaurant, which is located on the territory of the Arndale grocery market. The traditional restaurants invites travelers to taste a real Pork Burrito, Achiote Pork with Cactus Strips and others Mexican national dishes. Quesadilla and pancho as well as tomato and red pepper soup enjoy great popularity among tourists. Sapporo Teppanyaki. One of the few restaurants that can boast that every dish selected by a visitor is being prepared directly ahead of the client, making lunch a real show demonstrating chefs' skills. Like any other city in United Kingdom, Manchester is a very welcoming place, and every trip to this amazing city leaves a lasting impression. Most of the visitors come back again and again. We offer you to use our website during the next trip, where you can book a hotel or rent a car in just one click. This will allow you to reach more attractions throughout the day.
  • Edinburgh

    The most interesting places Edinburgh
    Edinburgh Edinburgh is the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom. The city is situated in the eastern part of Scotland. It has a rich history and many attractions. The homeland of Walter Scott and Arthur Conan Doyle. The most interesting sights Rosslyn Chapel is considered the most sacred and mysterious place in the United Kingdom. Construction of the temple lasted for 40 years, and the interior decoration took about the same amount of time. The chapel cained its greatest worldwide popularity after filming the acclaimed "The Da Vinci Code" thriller. The Edinburgh Castle is world famous for filming the Harry Potter saga as well as for its history and decoration. Since the 12-th century, it was home to the Royal Scottish nobles. Here you can explore the most important relic of the city, the Stone of Destiny. It was once used for for coronation of the monarchs. Holyroodhouse Palace. Today, this building is a current residence of the Queen of England. Nevertheless, the doors of the palace are always open to foreign visitors. Here you can learn more about the history of Scotland during the Queen Mary's reign, a period characterized by conspiracies and murders. The mantle dressed for knighting ceremonies is another local relic. Places to go The Royal Yacht Britannia. Built in 1951, it had been serving the royal family for 45 years. Today, all tourists coming to the city for the weekend can feel the aura of royal nobility. Here you can stroll along the deck, down to the bedroom of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, visit the Admiral's cabin or even see a kitchen, where the royal food was once cooked. Staying in Scotland without visiting the Scotch Whiskey Experience may be considered insulting! This noble drink is famous all over the world. The museum houses the largest collection of bottles of whiskey - more than 3.5 million units. Here you can not only hear the story of a magnificent strong drink, but also taste more than 100 whiskeys, which present different regions. Among the locals Traquair House is famous for the large number of ghosts living here. And, of course, history fans will also enjoy visiting the mysterious house. In 1745, after passing through the Bear Gates, Prince Charles Edward Stuart had been living here for a while, and Mary, Queen of Scots stayed here with her family as well. By the way, here you can enjoy a real Jacobite ale brewed in the local brewery just at the Castle. Places to go with kids The Museum of Childhood is one of the first museums in the world, which brought together exhibits in one way or another related to the world of childhood. Here you can see a huge collection of toys, board games, and even childcare products for the youngest kids. The entire collection of the museum reflects the history of toys from the 18th century to our times. Some rooms demonstrate the street games popular in the 50s or school classes of the 30s or even buy souvenirs and toys for all ages. Edinburgh Zoo was established in the early 20th century and is located near the city center in the park area. There are more than 600 animal species, including the ones listed in the Red Book. A penguin named Nils Olav is the pride of the zoo. He was conferred the title of Knight and even assigned to the post of Colonel-in-Chief. Restaurants and cuisine In the afternoon, you can visit the small cozy café Elefant House most famous as the birthplace of Harry Potter. Once a British novelist J. K. Rowling was sitting here at a table creating her famous saga. Last Drop Pub Only in this place you can try a real Scottish dish called haggis (a dish of lamb innards, served with mashed turnips) as well as a real ale, local wine, beer, and other drinks.
  • Birmingham

    The most interesting places Birmingham
    Birmingham Birmingham is located in the heart of the West Midlands. It is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. Its wide-area network of sites is explained by the eventful history. The city itself was founded in the 6th century. In the 13th century, the impressive fairs held here have left their mark in the history of the country. Due to favorable location, it has developed rapidly in the 16th century and became a large manufacturing center. It is a city of contrasts where the most modern places are combined with old historical buildings. The main attractions There are many sights in Birmingham. It is a "guardian" of historical heritage of the country. Different centuries are represented by different buildings. Coming to the old medieval town, a tourist gets into the time machine. Visiting the Gothic-style St Martin's Church you find yourself in the 13 century. Take a look at the bells, which appeared here in the 16 century. But you have to go a little further to the Birmingham Cathedral built in the classical style, and visit the St Chad's Cathedral representing a neo-Gothic style in order to enjoy the 18-th century. The further way will lead you to our times represented by art galleries and ultra-modern buildings. Culture lovers are obliged to go to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts housing a rare exhibition of Fine Arts as well as Pre-Raphaelite paintings. The former centers of the Industrial Revolution have been transformed into the modern museums or galleries. The Cathedral of St. Philip is a place where you can not only admire the architecture, but also see the old organ, which has been standing here at least 300 years. Be sure to visit the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower. It is one of the highest single buildings with a clock mechanism. In addition to its cultural value, it has more mundane purposes. It can be seen from many parts of Birmingham allowing easy orientation. Things To Do Walk around the city will give you a lot of bright impressions, since Birmingham is an English Venice. It earned such a title due to its extensive network of canals. Tourists are advised to visit the Railway Museum presenting the locomotives of different times. There are many museums dedicated to glass, art jewelry or motorcycles in the city. Football fans will be interested in the Villa Park Club built in the 19th century. When walking on the North-East, you can see the water park with 30 lakes. Places to go with kids The large Botanical Garden presenting an unimaginable number of plants, exotic birds and animals is a perfect place for a family holiday. Here you can also find a bird reserve along with a marine life center. The City Park invites travelers to visit a small local zoo. Every year, many religious celebrations are carried out here. For example, St. Patrick's day or Mardi Gras celebrations are very popular among tourists. Christmas market is another large-scale event. Restaurants of the city Highlands Bar Grill & is a restaurant featuring a luxurious atmosphere reached through the use of antiques in the Interior. Enjoy an extensive selection of wines. The unforgettable veal dishes are also offered to visitors. Saw's Soul Kitchen is a place where you can taste the unique dishes. Pork dishes as well as a classic white sauce are worth a try. This is a pretty noisy place, it is not suitable for family dinners. If you don't want to spend a lot of time waiting for a table, book a table in advance. Jerusalem Grill Eli's is a special place that offers Israeli and Mediterranean dishes. This restaurant is a perfect place for vegetarians. Israeli Salad and lentil soup are very popular among tourists.
  • Newcastle

    The most interesting places Newcastle
    Newcastle Newcastle is a port town located on the North-East of the United Kingdom. Is one of the main night centres in the country. In the 19th century, it was one of the major coal mining centres and played an important role in the industrial revolution. After reducing the industrial rates, this place has not lost its significance. Now it's a business city and a large educational centre. The two largest universities of the country as well as the most prestigious state college are located in Newcastle. Main attractions The main city's architectural landmark is the Millennium Bridge. It is the world's first tilting bridge construction. Its shape resembles a winking eye. One of the structure's arches offers pedestrian and cycling zones. Exploring Newcastle, you can also take a look at the Garth castle ruins. There is a witness of times of antiquity in Newcastle representing a defensive construction \with a length of 120 km. The Hadrian's wall dates back to 122-126 AD. Tourists will definitely enjoy the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas built in 1474. its lantern tower immediately catches the eye. You can also visit the St Mary's Cathedral or the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of Newcastle. Newcastle is the center of the Baha'i knowledge, a young and mysterious religion arisen in the 19th century. The Crossroads Benwell Vallum should become a must-visit place for all hiistory loves. There is the ruins of the ancient temple. The building was erected more than 2 thousand years ago. You can also explore even more old buildings in this area. Traveling with kids There are many interesting and curious places for family holidays in the city. A small Pets Corner Zoo offering free entrance. The picturesque places, which can help you explore the life of Newcastle. The Zoo presents pets typical for this area: pigs, birds, goats species. Children will definitely enjoy the parrots aviary. Blue Reef Aquarium provides an opportunity to get acquainted with different kinds of fish, starfish, and seals. Various activities are held here regularly. The International Science Center houses one of the largest planetariums in the United Kingdom. Entertainment for kids, a variety of exhibitions are carried out here as well. Restaurants Newcastle can attract gourmets, since it is possible to taste the most exotic cuisines here: Lebanese, Persian, Mongolian, and others. We recommend that you visit the Stowell Street accommodating the Chinese village with restaurants offering authentic Chinese cuisine. Sobo restaurant attract locals and travelers with regular and diet meals. The menu changes twice a season. The wine list is relatively small, but here you can enjoy a nice and affordable alcohol. Paymasters restaurant is distinguished by excellent service. The food is prepared quickly. Here you can sample some good coffee. Prices are quite high, however, it corresponds to the quality and taste of food. People who like seafood are recommend to visit Scratchley's on the Wharf Restaurant. What about a menu? It contains both sumptuous dishes and simple food (eg, fish and chips). Enjoy stunning views Newcastle sitting at a table. The prompt and courteous service is confirmed by many tourists. Newcastle is a typical English city that can be visited in order to explore the United Kingdom and get new impressions. Our website is going to help you make a trip more comfortable. Book a room in advance or rent a car using our platform.

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