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Georgia is world famous with its incredible style. First what you have in mind when you hear the name of the country is wine, friendly people, mountains. It is located in the South-Western Asia, in the Caucasus region. Its borders are washed by the Black Sea on the west, and the territory is surrounded by majestic hills. It is not surprising that the Georgian Republic attracts tourists from abroad.

When it is better to go to Georgia?

It is difficult to define the best period to visit Georgia. Seaside resorts such as Batumi, Kobuleti and others are ideal for summer holidays.In spring and autumn the temperature reaches +15 – 25 C which is suitable for spending time in the mountains. In March trees and flowers in the parks and fields start blossoming. The local botanical gardens fascinate by its beauty, while the endless floral landscapes fill the air with a sweet fragrance. Autumn is the time for harvesting grape and other seasonal products, so you can purchase all your favorite grapes, figs, melons at a bargain price. Winter attracts mountain ski
resorts lovers.

Characteristics of holidays in Georgia

Vacation in Georgia may be diverse. It is definitely worth to get to know the locals - more than anyone else they will tell about their country, invite to their house, feed, offer a drink and lift your mood up for many days in advance. Georgians are the people who have fun every day, sing folk songs, dance, gather together with large families at the table and just enjoy life. Climbing Caucasian Mountains is a dream of any mountain climber. When rising high above sea level, you can see how amazing is the world where we live. On the top you can feel complete freedom and peace. Hiking tours are organized for a day, few days or even for a few weeks. During the hike you can stop to rest, refill food and water in the small towns emerged in the different parts of the way, and then with new energy you can continue to go toward the goal. Georgian cuisine is one of the most delicious and famous. The most popular dish of the Georgians is considered to be the meat in any form. Lamb roasted on spits, beef and other meat specialties is the basis of local ration. The main national dish is a khachapuri with cheese. The food here should be taken with local wine. If you are offered a glass of this drink, it is not recommended to refuse it as for people of Georgia it is a sign of disrespect. Summer in Batumi invites all for an unforgettable vacation at the Black Sea coast. Here you will find different accommodation - from budget rooms to luxury villas and
rooms in the hotels. Beaches are covered with smooth stones polished with waves.You can rent deck chairs and umbrellas.Tourists are invited to take a boat trip to the sea and to have extreme fun and sailing classes. Near the coast there are cafes and restaurants for all tastes.

The most interesting place of Georgia

Georgia's main attraction is a botanical garden in Tbilisi. The number of species there exceeds 3500. It is better to visit it from April to July when the local flora begins to blossom and to give its beauty to the environment. Mountains of Shkhara (5203) and Kazbek (5047) are considered the highest points of the Republic. Not everyone can reach their peaks, but even at the altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level spectacular views are revealed. Georgia has rich mineral waters Borjomi, Likani,Tskhneti and Bakuriani. As a result, thousands of visitors come to the resorts of the country annually to improve health. The most favorite tourist places are Vardzia and Uplistsikhe - historical cave cities with monasteries, temples and fortresses. Singularity and integrity of these mysterious places carry visitors to the several millennia back to the past. Spending your vacation in Georgia will fill your life with bright impressions!Apart of sightseeing’s, you will always remember friendly people, while natural beauties will allow you to relax and enjoy your holidays. You can choose a suitable hotel in Tbilisi, Batumi or other city of this country on our website
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