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Gloss, freedom and equality of France

Everyone simply have to visit France – the most romantic, interesting, coloring and famous country in Europe, the motherlands of Duma, Dellon, Saint-Exupery, Lavoisier, Buonaparte, Dassin, Renault, Saint-Loraine and hundreds of other world famous personalities.

History and culture

According to the archeologists, on the contemporary territory of the country the European civilization was born, namely in this area the oldest settlements of Cro-Magnon's considered to be the main revolutionary link to Homo Sapiens were found. Prehistoric area of Brittany was not affected by the Global Ice Age, and therefore from the Mesolithic period people lived here and left behind the traces of cultural and social development. From the bronze and Iron ages until the conquest by the Roman Empire, the freedom-spirited Gauls lived here. After the Romanization the Gaul was conquered by the Franks, then by the Vikings, and it returned to the normal state only under the monarch Louis. During troubled 18-20 centuries France experienced several revolutions, formation of empires, the German occupation, and on the verge of 20-21st centuries the country became one of the new leaders in Europe. Modern France is a multiethnic country where along with classical Christian beliefs Islam is actively widespread. Free views and traditions of French society as well as many attractions of the country annually attract millions of tourists.

Sightseeing’s and interesting places

World cultural attractions of France impress you fantasy – castles, ancient architecture, Gothic cathedrals and bright Roman style of Paris,
Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Lille are known to all. Do you want to walk under the Arc de Triumph, the Champs Elysees or explore the capital from the height of the Eiffel Tower? It is a banality! We recommend you to visit not popular tourist places where you can sense the real, not superficial spirit of freedom-spirited France. Do you want to feel the coloring vibe of the south-west of the country?Then travel to the South canal on the outskirts of Toulouse: quiet water artery-alley peacefully flows its waters through the ages, while in the shadow of the trees you will find a true reconciliation. In the village of Alesia, the small French village, in early years the great battle took place that predetermined further development path of Europe: here, the leader of the Gaul’s surrendered himself to the young Caesar which made the latter the world famous dictator of the great empire. In the province of Brittany close to Saint-Michel and around Carnac found the megalithic constructions of predecessors of modern European civilization, the Cro-Magnon's. There the time slows down and faceless Gods send to the descendants their silent greetings from the depths of the ancient history full of human origin mystery.


In France you can find a wide choice of entertainment for any budget, from hitchhikers to oligarchs. Famous French beaches are the most popular. Sultry Riviera as well as the infinitely perfect sand of Nice Côte d'Azur and Saint-Tropez are the best spots on the coast. Do you want sport adrenaline?Then visit the Tour de France, the annual and prestigious biking race in the world lasting three weeks. We recommend to buy high quality and relatively cheap cloth within active shopping in Printemps, Samaritan and other network stores. Need trendy and comfortable shoes? Then you should visit shops of Andre, Cote a Cote and Kookai. The nightlife in the sense of romance and free relationships with the gloss of chic and glamour is available everywhere in the country. Trendy parties here are getting active by twelve in the night, and in the most
places a strict dress code applies – sport shoes and casual cloth are not accepted.The best of the best nightclubs in the country are Le Cab, Batofar, Le Gibus, exciting La Java, grand La Coco and cult Les Bains.


French cuisine is not only the food, it is a lifestyle embedded in the seemingly easygoing, but still very deep philosophy of the French society. Cooking here is an art to surprise and fascinate, different regions of the country have unique varying from each other dishes.Lobsters with parsley, Burgundy snails, crispy fresh baguettes, onion soups, sausages-'chambley', chicken in red wine, cheese desserts with sour cream and mushrooms –all the variety can hardly be listed.Wines of France deserve a special attention as well as cognacs and champaign. It is a place with the biggest number of restaurants marked in the famous Red Michelin Guide, a half dozen of them have stable three stars assuming a particular travel for discovering local culinary masterpieces. It is France where the leaders and the pillars of world kitchen fashion - Sendra, Bocuse, Gerard and Blanc live. In the capital be sure to visit Bristol, Plaza Athenee and Guy Savoy. Lyon is famous for its restaurant Paul Bocuse, while Saulieu and Chagny with La Cote d'Or and Lameloise.

For drivers’ attention

France has high quality extensive dense road network with powerful infrastructure and all sorts of facilities as well as the right-side traffic. Despite the high standard of living, large fines, active police work and numerous security cameras, local drivers are the most undisciplined in Europe. On the roundabout in the settlements the advantage is given to the incoming cars. Maximum speed limit is 50 and 80 kilometers per hour in the cities and beyond.There are many parking places, they are marked in blue, green and red zones meaning places for short, long and not existing parking respectively.There are many toll roads between the cities,and the prices are quite high in Europe.Use of seat belts and child seats is compulsory and it is also forbidden to talk on the phone while driving.
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Cities France

  • Paris

    The most interesting places Paris
    Paris It is impossible to describe in a few words Paris, еру magnificent French capital. This is a huge city of interacting contrasts that form a unique style and atmosphere. The famous Parisian boulevards smell of coffee, chestnuts, croissants, and fresh pastries. Although the majestic Eiffel Tower, the huge Louvre and the legendary Notre-Dame de Paris are symbols of the city and form an initial idea of ​​it, you should immediately throw all the stereotypes and prejudices away. Actually here you will find much more exciting and interesting things than you can even imagine. Paris is often compared with the ocean, the unfathomable depth of which boggles the mind and takes your breath away. Attractions & Entertainment Immediately upon arrival in Paris go to the Eiffel Tower, the main attraction of the city and the whole of France built in 1889. An excellent viewpoint from a height of 324 meters will allow you to see the entire capital and other attractions, make up the tourist route, and simply enjoy the romantic urban bustle. The most "Parisian" places also should become the must-see points for you: Tuileries Gardens, Champs Elysees, 12th century Notre-Dame de Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, as well as the Historical axis in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle. In addition to the magnificent architecture and incredible urban landscapes, Paris is famous for its galleries and museums, the most famous of which is the Louvre, housing the works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and other legendary artists. Exquisite cuisine The culinary reputation of France owes much to Paris. In the early 19th century, migration flows have brought with them into the city culinary traditions of different regions of the country. The local cuisine Restaurants kept all these traditions and today offer its guests dishes for every taste. Distinguished culinary capital of the world will delight gourmands with a huge number of world-class restaurants and give budget visitors the opportunity to have a good meal in a classic Parisian cafe. If you are going to spend a weekend in Paris, be sure to try the traditional French dishes such as foie gras, French onion soup, baguette, Sole meunière, and frog legs. But what about the drinks? Wine is a traditional French drink. The Parisians know how to properly make it, drink, and choose the right one for a particular dish. Traveling with children Although Paris is considered to be a romantic city for lovers, a vacation in Paris with the whole family can be funny and interesting. Like any European capital, Paris invites kids to meet adventures in Disneyland, or visit the Asterix water park, one of the largest water parks in the world. Theme parks, a unique zoo in the Bois de Vincennes and children's museums (eg Museum of magic) will help your child to have fun, learn something new and love this city forever. Go as a family to the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden with exotic plants, which also houses the Museum of Natural History and zoo. Rent a Car At first glance, the transport infrastructure may seem very complicated and confusing. If you do not have time to get used to the crazy rhythm of the city, you can rent a car to feel more confident in the new environment. However, take into account the fact that the Parisians are always in a hurry and do not attach importance to small scratches and dents on their cars. So you have to obtain a full insurance and spend extra money to pay for parking, because it's almost impossible to find free parking here.
  • Marseilles

    The most interesting places Marseilles
    Marseille Marseille is now France's largest city on the Mediterranean coast and the largest port for commerce, freight and cruise ships. The city was European Capital of Culture, together with Košice, Slovakia, in 2013. It hosted the European Football Championship in 2016, and will be the European Capital of Sport in 2017. For tourists, it is an animated picture, a scene from adventure films and books. Noisy, bright and romantic, Marseille is a pearl on the Mediterranean coast. Everyone will like it! Points of Interest and Landmarks of Marseille Marseille is incredibly rich in historical and natural attractions. You must visit Chateau d’If – the castle described by Dumas in the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The ensemble can be viewed from the inside, and from the observation deck, you can enjoy the breathtaking city panorama. You can get to the castle from the Old Port by tourist boat. At the highest point of the city, you will see its landmark – the cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde. It is a religious shrine in a luxurious Roman-Byzantine style. Tourists can take a 1.5 hour excursion. A visit to the roof of the temple, from where you can see Marseille in all its glory is extra charge. Things to do in Marseille The city offers a variety of activities. For example, tourists can go to one of the wellness centers. Gymnase Garden has good recommendations. Here, each tourist can count on an individual program, which includes sports activities, massage and procedures. Sports fans will be able to learn how to play golf here. Experienced coaches work at the Golf de Marseille Salette. Experienced sportsmen will also like the club with its highly professional service. In order to keep abreast of all the events, it is worth to visit the tourist center on La Canabiere. Here, the staff will present you a map of Marseille with sights, help to choose tours or even provide with a guide. Nightlife of Marseille The city is one of the largest theatrical and musical scenes in France. There are cinemas, famous theatrical grounds, discos and clubs of all kinds. The local pride is the National Opera. It was built in the downtown in the 17th century, for a long time, it remained the cultural sight of Marseille and all of France, without losing its significance after the Great Fire in 1920. In 2002, under the auspices of the new leader, the opera began to experience a new spiral of its development. Now, it has a diverse and relevant program that attracts modern youth. For night adventures, you can go to the jazz bar. The most famous one is La Caravelle, located in the port of Marseille. Lovers of parties and entertainment will definitely like this place. Cuisine and Restaurants of Marseille The Cours Julien Square is the best place to get acquainted with the gastronomic pleasures of Marseille and true Provencal cuisine. Be sure to try the famous buyabes – a fish soup. Here, it is served in almost any establishment. If you want to taste rare delicacies, locals and guests of the city advise you to go to La Table Du Fort, located in the heart of the city. Visitors will enjoy a varied menu and impeccable staff. In Marseille, you need to try oysters – the pride of the national cuisine. Gourmets say that the best oysters are served in Chez Toinou. Guests of the restaurant can also enjoy delicious desserts and try vegetable garnishes. Sylvain Depuichaffray is perfect for a family rest. The place is famous for its homemade pastries and delicious French pies. There is a special menu for children. You can select tours to France on our website, as well as book a hotel room or rent a car.
  • Lyons

    The most interesting places Lyons
    Lyon Lyon is the third most populous city in France located at the confluence of two rivers, it is an important transport hub of the country. Along with that, it has preserved many architectural monuments, it is rich in famous historical figures and is the gastronomic capital of the world. It's the place where cinematograph was originated, and in honor of the Lumiere brothers the famous Festival of Lights is held. Major Attractions To have enough time to see the most important sights of Lyon and organize a full acquaintance with it, tourists are offered to purchase a special Lyon City Card. It gives you a transit pass and includes a full sightseeing tour, visiting 12 museums and a river tram tour. Guests must use the funicular to reach the Fourviere Hill - a historical place where the Romans settled in 43 BC. Since then, priceless monuments of architecture - amphitheaters and aqueducts - have been preserved. The main city landmark stands on the hill - the magnificent Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. The cathedral was built on the hill at the end of the 19th century, the frescoes and statues located inside are well preserved. Tourists are sure to be interested in "Traboules." Traboules are passageways, which served as the only way to move around the built-up settlement for pedestrians. Tou can walk through one of the traboules in the Old Town or between the Saône and Rhône rivers. Places to visit in the Saône and Rhône rivers Lyon is the silk city of France. Therefore, any of his guests will be interested in learning about the history of weaving and spinning. In Maison Des Canuts, you can admire real looms and buy a silk souvenir. Few people know that not only cinematograph, but also a puppet theater was originated in Lyon. As a consequence, local museums store many exhibits related to this art. A visit to Musee des Automates is sure to be fascinating. Where to go with children in Lyon? The best thing to do with children in Lyon is visiting the Tete d'Or Park. Here you can see lions, elephants and other animals, enjoy swings and roundabouts. If you need a quick sightseeing tour, it is offered to rent an electric bicycle, and a kayak is more suitable for a lake trip. Once in the city where the art of cinema was born, be sure to visit the museum complex connected with the cinema. There are several similar places, but the best one is the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema. Tourists are offered fascinating expositions where you can see real film sets and scenery. Restaurants and Cuisine They say that gourmets are born here. This is the place where the "art of living" is closely connected with pampering the gastronomic delights. It's home to the famous chief Paul Bocuse, in whose honor the grocery market is named. He visits this market to buy products for masterpieces that are prepared in his own restaurant Auberge du Pont de Collonges, which earned three Michelin stars. In Lyon, you need to have lunch in a "Bouchon" at least once - these are traditional restaurants that originated in the 17th century. Today, such establishments are certified, and their doors are decorated with Gnafron - Lyon puppet symbolizing the enjoyment of food. Authentic bouchons work only in Lyon, but you should not expect exquisite cuisine from them. Visitors are more likely to be served with traditional meat dishes - simple and hearty. To see an authentic bouchon, tourists usually go to Au Petit Bouchon Chez Georges. You will be pleased with the atmosphere and large meals. Organize your journey - book a hotel room & car in Lyon through our website!
  • Nantes

    The most interesting places Nantes
    Nantes Nantes is the former capital of the Duchy of Brittany, it became part of France relatively recently - in the 17th century, so its inhabitants still identify asthemselves as Bretons, and the city - an integral part of Brittany. It is the birthplace of Jules Verne and Louis de Funes, the world's first horsebus was launched and first сrepes were cooked here. Today, Nantes is one of the largest and most modern settlements of France that preserved its historical and cultural relics. Major Attractions Like any cultural and historical center of France, Nantes offers its guests a special tourist Pass Nanntes, providing free travel passes and visiting the city's major attractions and museums. In the former Breton Duchy, we cannot ignore Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. A bit renovated and reconstructed, it houses the Museum of History. Here visitors can learn more about the eventful, rich history of the region. The tour is conducted in an interesting form, that's why it is so popular with both children and adults. It would be interesting to visit the Nantes Fortress, which became the burial vault for the last Duke of Brittany. The white openwork Gothic-style building has survived difficult times - revolutions, fires and riots. Places to visit in Nantes Guests will be interested to see the fountain on the central city square - Place Royale. It is made in the shape of three allegorical figures, each of which symbolizes the local rivers. Nantes himself is depicted as a lady holding a trident in her hands. Unfortunately, the trident was lost after the victory of the eponymous local football team. After exploring numerous museums and bustling streets, set aside some time for relaxation. You can enjoy it in a botanical garden. It's nice to just walk along the well-groomed paths or run in the morning. Curious visitors are sure to enjoy rare and exotic flowers, an apothecary garden. Besides the Botanical Garden, there are a dozen more alleys, parks and green areas, thanks to which Nantes was awarded the title of "City Of Flowers." Lovers of shopping will enjoy a modern shopping mall housed in a historic building - Passage Pommeraye. Where to go with kids in Nantes? Any child will love the Machines of the isle of Nantes - an urban zoo. It occupies 350 hectares of futuristic buildings, restaurants in the form of docks and old hangars. Here there are amazing machines reflecting the examples of da Vinci's inventions in combination with Jules Verne's fantasies. The center of the mechanical collection is a great elephant - even kids are invited to ride the "metallic animal." Its height reaches 12 meters, it is a complex system of mechanisms - the real pride of the mechanical zoo. Restaurants and Cuisine The traditional cuisine of Nantes is characterized by an abundance of seafood and fish. According to French tradition, every dish is served with fine local wines. Locals choose Muscadet and white dry young wines. Gourmets should start their gastronomic tour at Le Quai des Antilles and Graslin. This is the whole quarter accommodating various restaurants, cafes and pubs. La Cigale is one of the oldest establishments in Nantes. The restaurant was opened at the beginning of the 20th century and has not lost its popularity among the bohemian public since. Its rich interior and high cuisine are waiting for visitors. You do not have to wait long to try traditional Nantes crepes. There are more than 20 pancake bars in the city, each one has its own unique crepes delighting gourmets. Get the unique travel and accommodation options on our website!
  • Toulouse

    The most interesting places Toulouse
    Toulouse Toulouse is located in the south of France, it is one of the largest cities in the country. The River Garonne flows through the city: its historical part is on its right bank. Toulouse is surrounded by suburbs founded in the Middle Ages. The history of the settlement dates back to 106 BC. This land was inhabited by the Romans and Franks, Saracens and Crusaders. In the Middle Ages, there is a rapid construction, and the 19th-century railway turns it into a major industrial center. Today Toulouse attracts tourists with its numerous attractions and entertainment. Major Attractions The most visited city landmark is the Basilica of Saint Sernin. The 11th-century building gave shelter to pilgrims going through Toulouse. In the central part of the building there is an apse painted with frescoes in the 19th century. At night it is illuminated, which makes it clearly visible it in the dark. A crypt where the remains of 128 saints are buried deserves special attention. A thorn from the Jesus' crown of thorns is also stored here. The Canal du Midi passes through Toulouse. It has a length of 240 km and was built to create the shortest route to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The construction has 63 locks, 328 structures and a total drop of 190 meters. Canal boat tours allow you to see the many historical and modern buildings. Places to visit in Toulouse The Augustinian Museum housed in a convent welcomes fans of painting and sculpture. This is one of the fifteen provincial museums in France built in the early 19th century. The exhibits include works dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can go to the New Bridge built in the 16th century, which is interesting for its asymmetrical construction. The 220-meter crossing divided into 7 separate parts with arches looks pretty massive. The construction is so perfect that has been resisting the strongest floods for more than 400 years. Where to go with kids in Toulouse? It will be nice to walk in the Botanical Garden. Throughout its history it has changed the location several times: the reasons were unfavorable soil and lack of space. The garden was last moved at the end of the 18th century and is now housed in an old abbey. Today it is the largest botanical garden in Europe. The plants include many medicinal herbs. In the garden there is the Museum of Natural History as well as buildings imitating the Capitol. The children will also be delighted with the walk through the Cosmic Town - a theme park telling about the space exploration. It is located in the eastern part of the city. Since 1997 - when it was opened - it has been visited by more than two million people. On the territory you can see models of space rockets in full size. There is also a planetarium offering daily themed shows. Tourists often visit various exhibitions, often interactive ones, enjoy all kinds of simulators. Restaurants and Cuisine In Toulouse, you must definitely try goose liver pates and Toulouse sausages, local cheeses and numerous sweets, specialties with violets and meat stews with beans. The city is also famous for its wines and violet liqueurs. All this tourists will be offered to try in local cafes and restaurants. L'entrecote welcomes foreign visitors. The main course - meat with fries - is served with excellent wine and desserts. There is no menu, prices are reasonable. Enjoy a good dinner in Le Louchebem, which serves French cuisine. The atmosphere inside is very cosy and quiet. Make your wishes come true with our website by choosing suitable Toulouse tours!
  • Perpignan

    The most interesting places Perpignan
    Perpignan Perpignan lies on the banks of the Tet River in the province of Roussillon, near the France-Spain border. The first mention of the settlement dates back to 927. It remembers the reign of the counts of Roussillon, then of Barcelona. It was in the center of military events, turned into a fortress in the 17th century. There are not so many sights in the city, but they can tell visitors everything about the past. Major Attractions Perpignan is a quiet province, everything here is Spanish. At every step on narrow and winding streets there are massive houses made of red and yellow stone. One of the most remarkable city landmarks is Fort La Castellet. It was erected in 1368 and served as a defensive structure. Today it houses a museum, being open to the public. The fortress tower is considered to be the only well-preserved local defensive structure and a symbol of Perpignan. The Railway Station building is no less interesting. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it was painted by the famous S. Dali in 1963. He loved this city and called its station "Center of the World", because the structure plan resembles a model of the universe. However, the railway station building is not the only thing that is associated with Dali: works of the legendary artist can be found in Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum. Places to visit in Perpignan If you want to see the royal chambers, be sure to visit the 13th-century Palace of the Kings of Majorca. It is an impressive fortress surrounded by huge pines. It houses a museum that contains exhibits telling about the glorious past. One of the elements of the ensemble is a watchtower. It offers magnificent views: red roofs of the buildings buried in greenery. There is a legend, that this place was visited by Anne of Austria herself. Interior decoration - tapestries, fireplace, furniture - bear the imprint of history, and a courtyard in flowers sets a romantic mood. If you are lucky enough to rest in Perpignan during the Easter week, then you just need to see its live tourist attraction. On Good Friday, people in black walk slowly along the street. This is how grief over those sentenced to death is expressed. Every year, since the 15th century, this procession passes through the city streets in absolute silence. Where to go with kids in Perpignan? Any of the Perpignan's numerous green parks or squares is suitable for walks with children. Here you can spend time in the shade of plants, walk along park paths, admire plants and animals, relax on the grass under the gentle sun. You can also spend time walking around small city squares. Many of them have children's corners where there are various sports facilities, unpretentious entertainment. Nearby there are small street cafes offering good meals. Restaurants and Cuisine Cuisine is considered a separate attraction of Perpignan. It mainly offers Spanish food, good seafood, paella, home-made wines. Small cafes and restaurants are found at almost every turn. Lovers of seafood must visit Al Tres restaurant located in the heart of the city. Inside it is quite spacious and modern, the menu is varied. You can order a light fish salad, main courses, desserts. Here you will be served a specialty - crab prepared according to a special recipe. It is recommended to try Japanese cuisine in Naniva. It serves popular national dishes characterized by an unforgettable taste. Taking into account a good quality, prices are quite acceptable. Besides, the wine list is very extensive. Plan your trip to Perpignan through our website flexible tour booking, hotels and car rentals.

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