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Cote d'Ivoire, a former Ivory Coast, before declaring independence in 1960 has been a French colony, now it is a presidential republic located in the tropical climate of Western Africa on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Agriculture there is quite widespread, cacao beans, palm oil, coffee and pineapples are exported. The country is attractive for tourism and above all due to its nature beauties and plenty of interesting sightseeing’s.

When it is better to visit Ivory Coast?

On the south of the country humid and hot tropical climate prevails, rain seasons are recurrently followed by the dry weather. On the north rain stope in September, while dry season lasts from October till May. Holidays at any time of the year promise interesting entertainments, but the most of celebration events happen in the winter and spring months. The most popular celebration is the 'Mask Festival' organized in February. In March interesting event takes place in Boaka. The most unusual celebration is Fete du Dipri when from the village evils are expelled. As of tradition, the naked women come out from home in the night to follow certain rituals.
This celebration is organized in April.

Characteristics of holidays in Ivory Coast

Area of Sassandra is a nice region for holidays with comfortable beaches. Here there are great places for surfing – the best on the coast of Western Africa.Nearby are located fisherman villages where one can taste the local palm wine and learn the style of life of African tribes.Here you can take a real pirogue and take part in fishing. The most interesting places of Ivory Coast. Basilica Notre-Dame de la Paix in the capital Yamoussoukro is a copy of the Saint Peter Cathedral in Rome, only the size is bigger.It was built with the funds of the republic's president.This great cathedral impresses with its size and beauty.Its columns have metal bas-reliefs depicting life scenes of Christ.Amazing stained-glass windows reflect on the walls unusual light.The holy place is trimmed with colorful marmor.Many people gather here for Christmas, and at this time traditional and European music sounds here. The biggest city of the country is Abidjan, it became important sea port after the construction of the canal that connected bay with the lagoon.This is an amazing green city with high skyscrapers, good modern roads with multilevel junctions that will make you happy with its shopping centers, restaurants and bars.It is for a reason that it is called African Paris or New York!There are many cathedral buildings with unique architecture, among them are the St.Paul's Cathedral and the Marial Cathedral are built in the interesting style.
St.Paul's Cathedral is built in the modern architecturestyle. Its building is decorated with refined frescos, in front of it the tower representing the aforementioned saint in the long flying clothing is placed.The Marial Cathedral is a center of catholic world in Abidjan built in the modern style with colorful stained-glass windows and beautiful sculptures.There are many nice parks that are quite popular among the locals in the city, here casinos, swimming pool and a big market function. In the country there are many protected natural reserves.In the biggest National Park 'Comoe' you can observe 'the animal path' along which the herds go to drink water.The nicest mountain range decorated with bamboo forests and waterfalls you can see in the center.Natural reserves 'Tan' and 'Mara-house' cover the large territory in the north-east.Virgin forests with the trees up to 50 meters are preserved there.It is better to visit these places in the winter because it rains here in the summer. The main city of Senufo people is Korhogo, it is popular of carving traditions.Unique masks from different types of wood reflecting the person's character are made here.The Senufo people are divided into communities preserving their traditions and culture.It is quite amazing to observe some ritual ceremonies of tribes allowed for visiting Holidays in the Ivory Coast mean nice climate, fantastic landscapes of Western Africa,great beaches and the most interesting sightseeing’s of colonial time.You can see it with your own eyes by visiting the world of charming African Continent if you choose suitable tour on our website
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