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United States of America is a huge country occupying land about 60 million square kilometres, it has the border with Canada in the north and with Mexico in the south. The Hawaiian Islands represent one of the 50 states of America. The Atlantic coast is home to the oldest cities in America where most of the population (more than 9.5 million people) lives in the places of the most important historical events.
Such cities like New York, Boston and Washington stillretain the traces of strong European cultural heritage and promote the sense of national pride, dignity and independence. Western coast of the United States was inhabited quite recently some 150 years ago and it was developing in line with the rest of the country; there are many large cities like San Francisco that became a prosperous cosmopolitan city. People of America are warm, optimistic and cheerful, they welcome visitors of their country with open arms. In the north-east there are powerful Great Lakes, most of which cover an area larger than many European countries, and some of them lay on the Canadian border. Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio have historically been used for grain production, while the great plains on the west of America give you a chance to see real country cowboys in action. Hot and dry parts of land are used for livestock using traditional and more modern ways.
Nevada has rich natural diversity and itcombines well its landscape with environment supporting a wide range of local flora and fauna, from deciduous and broadleaf forests such as maple and oak on the east coast till the giant sequoias on the west; from the fertile and green farmlands to arid and barren desert wastes. Generally speaking, the climate in the United States is mild. In the ‘cold’ winter you still can chill out on one of the beaches of Southern California. Family holidays options in the United States are endless, for any taste - from quiet walks, Californian vineyards, bustling attractions in Florida, theme parks to the scenic splendour of Chicago Lakes and enjoying the mountain chalets or apartments in Colorado. It goes without saying that winter in America offers some of the best ski resorts in the world. Before you visit this country, you will not be able to truly experience the nature of America, its sizes and mind-blowing wealth of natural treasures.
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