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Italy if great any time of the year.In the winter you can ski, in the summer – enjoy the sun and swim in the sea, in the autumn and spring you can go to the excursions around the country, to the wedding trips to Venice, to do shopping in Milan, exercise pilgrimage tours to Rome, separate country Vatican and other holy places of Italy. Italy is in the top 5 of the most visited countries in the world.It has mountains, plains, islands and peninsulas washed by five seas and a few bays. Millions of tourists come to Italy every years to taste the best pasta in the world, get a golden tan or ski in the snowy Alps, go shopping and feel the atmosphere of attractive Italian charm. Island of Sicily is in the south of Italy and is separated from the main land by the Strait of Messina. This place is full of rich history and multinational culture.Plains,rocks and clean sea are ready to welcome tourists from all the places in the world since May till November.In Sicily there are many resorts and beaches worth to visit, and we are going to tell about them. Agrigento is a resort located close to Africa.Its sightseeing is the Valley of Temples, the buildings honouring ancient gods preserved till the present.You should definitely visit this place if you plan holidays in this area. Sciacca is a resort with thermal sources and soft sandy beaches.Among the popular entertainments are diving, fishing,riding scooter or boat along the local beaches. Syracuse is located on the eastern coast of Sicily and it is considered one of the most visited cities on the island.Bays, rocks and especially warm sea are the things that distinguish this place from others.Here plenty of ancient and medieval monuments have been preserved.Beaches of Catania are in the top 20 list of the most visited places in Italy. City of La Playa is a main touristic center, here there are many hotels, Spa and everything what tourist would want. In Messina is located one of the favourite resorts of the tourists from all over the world – Taormina.Here you can just spend time on the beach,have a rest from the city hustle as well as get involved in the activities. And one should not omit mentioning Palermo, the city-museum.Amount of sightseeings,churches,caplets,museums,gardens and parks is beyond the limits.During the day you can spend time on the beach, have a rest or get involved in the water sport activities that are offered, and in the evening you can go to the excursion.In this city any tourist can be satisfied. Even a child knows that Milan is a fashion capital.Fashion lovers from all over Europe come here to purchase the new collections of modern brands especially in the time of sales – in January and July.Some outlets start sales in the middle of December in order to attract the locals.It is remarkable that in the beginning of sales the discounts are 30-40%, while in the middle of February they can reach 70. While planning your leisure, one should bear in mind that many shops are closed on Sunday as in other European countries, Sunday is a day off for everyone.Naturally, if you decide to do a big purchases, do not forget about Tax Free possibility.On the cashier desk of the shop you ask for a form that you can fill on the place as well as in the airport and you will get back approximately 12% from the price. Even many people associate Milan with shopping, a day can be spent for local sightseeing’s. Undoubtedly, one should visit the Cathedral Square (Piazza del Duomo) and Milan Cathedral in the gothic style that represents a symbol of the city. The Cathedral is one of the most well-known buildings in Europe, its beauty subdues and fascinates.Strict security at the entrance does not allow inside the females with uncovered shoulders and knees, thus if you want to admire the building inside, you should think of your cloth in advance. One can also reach the roof of the Cathedral using elevator or by foot for less charge, and admire the view of the city from the bird eye. Plenty of shops with souvenirs,postcards, magnets with high European prices are around the square.Through the Gallery of Victor Emmanuel the Second with the fancy boutiques
you can make it to the famous Opera Theatre La Scala that is considered the leading world theatre, part of the theatre is a school for stage mastery, dances and music. It is definitely worth walking along the territory of the Sforza Castle.History lovers will find on its territory a few museums: Museum of Musical Instruments, Ancient Egyptian, pre-historic and other exhibitions.You can visit museums using one joint ticket. Many locals move around the city with the bikes, tourists can also rent this kind of transportation or even purchase a bike tour with a guide that will show you the most interesting places and streets. Absolutely, the first thing that come to mind when mentioning the capital of Italy is Colloseum.A grand construction of amphitheatre was built in the first century A.C., the gladiators fighting’s, hunting wild animals,sea battles and others were held, still the atmosphere and the power of the ancient world, its force and energy can be sensed there.Colloseum is a symbol of Rome, one of the most sightseeing’s of Italy.Besides, Rome is a city of seven hills, and the locals even celebrate the holiday of seven hills on 11th December, the day when all the seven hills were included into the city.For this moment along both sides of the river Tiber there are 12 hills.Capitolium is a main hill of Rome where in the ancient time Temples of Minerva and Jupiter were located.Capitoium Square is built upon the project of Michelangelo’s Square has an ornament – riddle depicted with the light stones. It is believed that the Earth with all its meridians most probably points out that Rome is a centre of the world.On the Square the Statue of Emperor on the horse,Senatorium, Palace of Conservatives and the Nuovo Palazzo are located. Square of Saint Peter is very popular around the world.This is the place where Catholics from all over the world come to listen presentations of the Pope. He makes his preaching broadcasted on two screens on the square every Wednesday at 11 a.m.Incredible energy exists in this place, the tourists who treat religion and history sensitively will definitely feel it.

What else to visit?

Spanish stairs is a great architecture monument built in the baroque style, it is located on the way to the church of Trinita-dei-Monti.In the warm weather numerous tourists and locals can sit on the stairs, observing each other, admiring beauties of the city and the Spanish Square or just having rest from walking.Ladies with affection to shopping can leave here their tired partners and visit the boutiques on the square. There are dozens of great places that are worth visiting when in Rome.It depends on the time and preferences you have.There are Rome Forum and the Forum of Caesar with remains of ancient buildings.The Castle of the Holy Angel, Gallery and Villa Borghese, multiple museums, squares and fountains that will surely surprise even the most experienced tourists with its beauty and power.As in every tourist city, there are tricks in Rome that should be avoided and that every tourist should know. First of all,before using the service it is necessary to find out the price.You should know that making a picture with local citizens dressed as a gladiator or any other costume costs from 5 to 10 euro, and the more gladiators, the higher the amount for picture respectively. While listening stories of the guides about swimming in the fountain that will bring you eternal youth, one should understand that this will lead to nothing, but the fine from 100 till 500 euro. In the restaurants 'serving the table' or cost for using cutleries and table cloth called coperto that is from 1 to 3 euro per person will be always included in the bills and cannot be avoided, so that count your budget respectively. As in other European cities, active tourists can get a special tariff.This is a ticket including public transport for a few days,visiting museums for free or with discount and other advantages.By purchasing this tickets, you will save your money and time. Taking a taxi, one should know about two tariffs existing. Within the circular ring 1 kilometer will cost a little less than beyond the ring. You should check in the counter the number of the zone displayed on the right and the calculation of the price by the taxi driver. If you read forums before the trip, you will definitely see information about pick-pocketers.Be attentive in order to avoid situation of staying without money, documents and communications means. Venice is a city on the water located on 122 islands connected by the multiple bridges.Practically whole old town is included in
the list of the UNESCO world heritage, sightseeing’s here are seen one after another. Vacation in Venice is quite cultural.It requires a lot of walking, as there are no cars or public transport here.There are gondolas which you can take once and vaporetto, the river tram that can bring you to another bank. Venice is famous with its carnival where the tourists from all over the world come.As a rule,holiday starts one week before the Lent. If you plan to visit Venice this time,you should take care of housing in advance as in the local hotels there might be no free room, as well as the price for rooms in this time significantly increases. Local citizens and the holiday fans prepare for it very thoroughly.Classic Venice cloth is a mask, coat, triangular hat and gloves.During the carnival you can be anyone.Since ancient times all the participants of carnival hided the faces under various masks for not letting the class prejudice to spoil the celebration.During the carnival everything was allowed, there were no rules or bans, up to the beginning of the Lent people had fun as much as they could, joy and celebration lasted all day long. If you want to see the city in its best and see its sightseeings, take a tour on the Grand Canal on vaporetto.You will see the buildings of incredible beauty, palaces,colourful houses and grand churches.One of the four bridges of Grand Canal as well as business card of Venice is a bridge of Rialto, in its design participated Micelangelo.This is as a heart of the city with extraordinary atmosphere and vibe.There the market, souvenir shops and cafes are located where you can take a rest from walking and have a meal. If you ride gondola, you can pass by the famous bridge of sighs.It is remarkable that it has nothing to do with love theme.The bridge is built between the Palace of Dodges and Venice prison.These were sighs of the prisoners who ended up in the prison.In order to get to the bridge, you should follow two-hours tour to the Palace.Undoubtedly, in Venice you should see every corner and every street.They say that two weeks would not be enough to check everything, though some tourists are satisfied with only a few days to dive into the atmosphere of love and fairy tale. Many people complain about lack of good restaurants, not the best service and high prices.Though, the amount of emotions you will receive when visiting this great city will definitely overthrow all the shortcomings. Rimini is a resort on the Adriatic coast.Italians like to go and have holidays here.Wide sandy beaches stretch for 15 kilometers along the coast. Everywhere on the beaches you can rent benches,umbrellas and inflatable mattresses.First class hotels,bars and discos are on the beach of Marina Centro. Here you can do any kind of summer sport or take a boat trip on the yacht. Night life lovers will not be bored here, as beach cafes and night clubs are ready to offer the most diverse alcohol and music choice. Modern music is played on the beaches, DJ's and safeguards work, even zone for animals functions here. If you want to do shopping, you can visit the square Piazza Tre Martiri, walk along the street Viale Regina Elena, travel to the outlet in San Marino or Macerata, check the shoe factory or buy a fur coat. Rimini includes a historical center and the resort area along the coast that is divided into 10 districts of 800 meters each. Sightseeings are the Malatesta Temple in the gothic style, Arch of August and the Bridge of Tiberius built in the 14th century B.C. Legend exists explaining why the bridge has been standing for that long.They say that during the construction it constantly got ruined and then the Tiberius who stayed without support of Gods referred to the Devil.The latter promised to make the bridge highly solid in exchange for the soul of the one who would cross it first.Tiberium agreed, but gave the Devil the dog's soul.Devil got angry and wanted to destroy the bridge, but it was too late as it became already extra solid and strong. Square of Kavur is filled with the medieval spirit.Teatro Comunale,remains of the palaces of Garampi and dell'Aringa and a white marble fountain are located here.If you had enough of the beach holidays, here you can still walk along the streets and squares of the city, learn the history, having checked the Fortress and the Palace of Malatestiano or Palacio Brioli on the square Piazza Tri Martiri. There are no problems with public transport.By purchasing a ticket for bus or trolley-bus in the kiosk, you can easily reach any resort area from the city center.You can also rent a car or a bike.
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