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England is located on the British Islands, it is the largest part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This country and its capital London is visited by tens of millions of tourists annually. London with its rich history, culture and numerous attractions seem the main magnet for visitors.
England occupies the entire southern part ofthe British Islands limited by the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. 39 counties that have been autonomous administrative units since middle ages now impatiently wait for tourists to show their incredible attractions. Landscape of England is mostly flat, with swamps, lush forests, hills as well as low Pennine mountains. Considerable interest triggers the National Park called the Lake District with its amazingly beautiful lakes. Popular seaside resorts Bristol and Plymouth with their wonderful medieval historical centres invariably impress tourists, and the port cities of Liverpool and Manchester are admirable. And everywhere here one can have good holidays. No guest of England should miss visiting London, the capital of Great Britain and the largest city of the British Islands where officially more than 7
million people live. The city is the residence of the royal family, and here, as a result of old traditions and rich history has been accumulated an enormous amount of attractions and sacred buildings. The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or St Paul's Cathedral are no less exciting than the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum or other cultural pearls of the city. Tourists visiting London are recommended to start a city tour on one of the many special buses to get a first glimpse of the city and its attractions. It is also advisable during travelling in England to go to the Stonehenge, one of the most important bronze age archaeological sites in the world and one of the most mysterious places on our planet. Everyone coming here observes that in the country with clearly pronounced traditions pleasant, calm and cheerful people live.
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