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Gloss, freedom and equality of France

Everyone simply have to visit France – the most romantic, interesting, coloring and famous country in Europe, the motherlands of Duma, Dellon, Saint-Exupery, Lavoisier, Buonaparte, Dassin, Renault, Saint-Loraine and hundreds of other world famous personalities.

History and culture

According to the archeologists, on the contemporary territory of the country the European civilization was born, namely in this area the oldest settlements of Cro-Magnon's considered to be the main revolutionary link to Homo Sapiens were found. Prehistoric area of Brittany was not affected by the Global Ice Age, and therefore from the Mesolithic period people lived here and left behind the traces of cultural and social development. From the bronze and Iron ages until the conquest by the Roman Empire, the freedom-spirited Gauls lived here. After the Romanization the Gaul was conquered by the Franks, then by the Vikings, and it returned to the normal state only under the monarch Louis. During troubled 18-20 centuries France experienced several revolutions, formation of empires, the German occupation, and on the verge of 20-21st centuries the country became one of the new leaders in Europe. Modern France is a multiethnic country where along with classical Christian beliefs Islam is actively widespread. Free views and traditions of French society as well as many attractions of the country annually attract millions of tourists.

Sightseeing’s and interesting places

World cultural attractions of France impress you fantasy – castles, ancient architecture, Gothic cathedrals and bright Roman style of Paris,
Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Lille are known to all. Do you want to walk under the Arc de Triumph, the Champs Elysees or explore the capital from the height of the Eiffel Tower? It is a banality! We recommend you to visit not popular tourist places where you can sense the real, not superficial spirit of freedom-spirited France. Do you want to feel the coloring vibe of the south-west of the country?Then travel to the South canal on the outskirts of Toulouse: quiet water artery-alley peacefully flows its waters through the ages, while in the shadow of the trees you will find a true reconciliation. In the village of Alesia, the small French village, in early years the great battle took place that predetermined further development path of Europe: here, the leader of the Gaul’s surrendered himself to the young Caesar which made the latter the world famous dictator of the great empire. In the province of Brittany close to Saint-Michel and around Carnac found the megalithic constructions of predecessors of modern European civilization, the Cro-Magnon's. There the time slows down and faceless Gods send to the descendants their silent greetings from the depths of the ancient history full of human origin mystery.


In France you can find a wide choice of entertainment for any budget, from hitchhikers to oligarchs. Famous French beaches are the most popular. Sultry Riviera as well as the infinitely perfect sand of Nice Côte d'Azur and Saint-Tropez are the best spots on the coast. Do you want sport adrenaline?Then visit the Tour de France, the annual and prestigious biking race in the world lasting three weeks. We recommend to buy high quality and relatively cheap cloth within active shopping in Printemps, Samaritan and other network stores. Need trendy and comfortable shoes? Then you should visit shops of Andre, Cote a Cote and Kookai. The nightlife in the sense of romance and free relationships with the gloss of chic and glamour is available everywhere in the country. Trendy parties here are getting active by twelve in the night, and in the most
places a strict dress code applies – sport shoes and casual cloth are not accepted.The best of the best nightclubs in the country are Le Cab, Batofar, Le Gibus, exciting La Java, grand La Coco and cult Les Bains.


French cuisine is not only the food, it is a lifestyle embedded in the seemingly easygoing, but still very deep philosophy of the French society. Cooking here is an art to surprise and fascinate, different regions of the country have unique varying from each other dishes.Lobsters with parsley, Burgundy snails, crispy fresh baguettes, onion soups, sausages-'chambley', chicken in red wine, cheese desserts with sour cream and mushrooms –all the variety can hardly be listed.Wines of France deserve a special attention as well as cognacs and champaign. It is a place with the biggest number of restaurants marked in the famous Red Michelin Guide, a half dozen of them have stable three stars assuming a particular travel for discovering local culinary masterpieces. It is France where the leaders and the pillars of world kitchen fashion - Sendra, Bocuse, Gerard and Blanc live. In the capital be sure to visit Bristol, Plaza Athenee and Guy Savoy. Lyon is famous for its restaurant Paul Bocuse, while Saulieu and Chagny with La Cote d'Or and Lameloise.

For drivers’ attention

France has high quality extensive dense road network with powerful infrastructure and all sorts of facilities as well as the right-side traffic. Despite the high standard of living, large fines, active police work and numerous security cameras, local drivers are the most undisciplined in Europe. On the roundabout in the settlements the advantage is given to the incoming cars. Maximum speed limit is 50 and 80 kilometers per hour in the cities and beyond.There are many parking places, they are marked in blue, green and red zones meaning places for short, long and not existing parking respectively.There are many toll roads between the cities,and the prices are quite high in Europe.Use of seat belts and child seats is compulsory and it is also forbidden to talk on the phone while driving.
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