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Guide to Corpus Christi
Guide to Corpus Christi

Interesting places and facts about the city Corpus Christi in USA

Corpus Christi is a famous resort town on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. In Latin its name means Body of Christ. The status of the city was received only in 1852, and until this time the city was a small trading post created by Henry Lawrence Kinney in 1839.

Major Attractions

USS LEXINGTON CV-16-Aircraft Carrier Museum. On the deck of the ship there is aviation equipment and everything connected with it. Interior of the famous aircraft carrier demonstrates exhibits reflecting the history of several wars. There is a small cafe and a cinema where historical and feature films about the history of military operations are shown. Selena Quintanilla Perez Museum is a tribute to the memory of life and work of the famous singer, whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 24. George W. Bush was a fan of the singer. The museum stores the singer's personal belongings, a guitar, photographs from the family archive and concert clothes presented on mannequins, as well as awards.
Texas Surf Museum. Given the fact that the island of Padre is one of the best places for surfing in America, it would be strange not to see at least one establishment associated with this sport. This museum contains exhibits related to surfing. Here you will learn the whole history of its development in Texas. South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center. Complete unity with nature is what this park is famous for. Large alleys, unusual plants, exotic birds living in a fenced area. A rosary in the park deserves special attention. A distinctive feature of this park is that each species has its own house here: Butterfly House, Turtle House, Reptile House and, of course, Lake with Crocodiles.
Texas State Aquarium. The aquarium opened in 1990, but its construction lasted about 20 years. Today, the Aquarium allows you to see representatives of marine and terrestrial animals: poisonous frogs from the Amazonian forests, a huge aquarium with bottlenose dolphins, jellyfish, tarantulas, birds of prey, etc. Hurricane Alley Waterpark. The most popular water park in the city where you can spend a nice family vacation. There are grounds for both young children and adults. Available entertainment includes swimming pools, water slides and much more. The water park has its own café with outdoor tables.
Coffee Waves. A great coffee shop with lots of desserts in the form of ice cream (more than 20 varieties), tender cakes, mousses, etc. And, of course, all sorts of excellent coffee is guaranteed. Visitors will surely find desserts and drinks to their liking. The restaurant is designed in shades of coffee: mosaic-style tables, artificial brick walls, arched passages. There is a specious terrace with outdoor tables.

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