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Guide to Cornwall
Guide to Cornwall

Interesting places and facts about the city Cornwall in Great Britain

Cornwall County is one of the most picturesque places in the United Kingdom. The proximity of the sea makes the climate milder and warmer, especially in coastal regions. The British coasts can not be compared with others, they have their own unique look. The water is quite cool all year round. This county's lands are virgin, there are no cities. Among the British Cornwall is considered the best resort.

Attractions In Cornwall

The County of Cornwall is not rich in sighs or attractions. Most tourists come here to see the untouched nature. These places are especially appreciated by artists who visit the country to explore truly stunning views for painting pictures. Paradise Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is a wonderful garden housing a variety of exotic plants and interesting sculptures. The sculptures are generally made of wires and technological debris, closely intertwining with living trees and shrubs.
An island called St Michael's Mount is situated 300 meters away from the coast in one of the county's towns. According to an old legend, Saint Michael appeared to fishermen exactly on this mountain, and later the abbey was built here. Continue exploring the county to find the remains of Tintagel Castle where King Arthur was born according to ancient legends. There is a deep cave under the mountain on which the castle stands. According to ancient legends, this cave was a home of Merlin, the great wizard.
Unfortunately, the towns in Cornwall cannot offer special entertainment for children. However, there are many zoos in the region where young tourists can spend a great time together with their parents. One of the most noticeable zoos in the County of Cornwall is Paradise Park. This zoo is ready to present a huge number of exotic birds from different continents. Multi-colored birds will definitely surprise your child. But what about marine life in the coastal areas? Blue Reef Aquarium contains various sea inhabitants from all seas. It will be interesting and useful for your kids to look at the exotic sea creatures.

Entertainment and restaurants

In the evening, you can visit the Jamaica Tavern famous thanks to Daphne Du Maurier. Here you can find the special atmosphere and feel like a book character, drink some real ale and even spend a night at the tavern. Visit the St-Austell brewery and go through all the stages of making a real English ale and beer. At the end of the tour, enjoy tasting.

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