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Guide to Copenhagen
Guide to Copenhagen

Interesting places and facts about the city Copenhagen in Denmark

Modern Copenhagen is a quiet and expressive European capital with urban water channels, the bright architecture and narrow streets. The most famous resident of the capital of Denmark is Hans Christian Andersen, who gave the world an unimaginable number of fairy tales and fantastic stories. Today, the European center of art boasts the highest level of life, various museums, botanical gardens, and galleries. The most notable sights of Copenhagen are Amalienborg palace and Tivoli Gardens. Compare car hire prices and book a suitable vehicle with scantri! The stylish supercar or powerful SUV can make your adventures bigger and photo albums brighter. You can also save your time and money when you use our services to search for the favorable deals on car hire. Booking hotels in Copenhagen can be a real nightmare if it's your first visit to Denmark. Often a huge selection of hostels and hotels confuses tourists and complicates the process of finding housing in a foreign country. With scantri bv a hotel reservation becomes an easy and pleasant experience. We are ready to book our clients suitable hotel rooms at the respectable hotels located close to city attractions such as the Round Tower, the National Museum of Denmark or Rosenborg Castle.
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