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Guide to Catalonia
Guide to Catalonia

Interesting places and facts about the city Catalonia in Spain

Autonomy in the state of Spain. It is located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula. One of the most famous cities of the autonomy, which is also its capital, is Barcelona.

Attractions of Catalonia

Catalonia is an important tourist center of Spain, it is on its territory that many cultural and historical monuments are located, as well as the most popular Mediterranean resorts. The region is rich in history, preserved ancient customs, culture and, of course, picturesque nature. A large number of historical sites have survived in Catalonia, largely due to the efforts of local residents. So one of these historical monuments can be called a mountain monastery - Monestir Santa Maria de Montserrat. It is deservedly considered the most important spiritual center of the region, which is also a cultural center. This is a Benedictine monastery, which was named after its location - the area of ​​Montserrat. The monastery nowadays has a very good infrastructure, oriented towards tourists. Outwardly, it is a mixture of several architectural styles, with a bias towards modernism. It is also important to clarify for tourists that a very picturesque cable car has been laid to it.
Not far from Girona, there is the town of Figueres, which has a theater-museum of Salvador Dali. Figueres is also notable for the fact that the most beautiful castle Castillo de Peralada is located in its vicinity. Part of its buildings is occupied by a winery that produces some of the best sparkling wines in Spain. Also, music festivals are often held within its walls, and in the summer a garden is opened on its territory on the occasion of one of the music festivals.
In Catalonia, ancient traditions and culture are honored, traditional ancient celebrations are often held, but modern Spanish holidays are also celebrated. During holidays and festivals, fairs are organized in many cities of Spain and Catalonia, attractions for local residents and tourists are arranged. Active and eco tourists can also find something to do in Catalonia. There are comfortable seaside resorts, modern ski centers and nature reserves and attractions. The most popular resort destination for beach lovers in Catalonia is the Costa Brava. The beaches of the Costa Brava are very picturesque and great for windsurfing. The Costa Brava is also home to a real center of attraction for divers around the world - the Medes Islands.
Well, the most active tourists in Catalonia will appreciate the abundance of hiking trails, totaling more than three thousand kilometers, the gambling river Noguera Pallaresa. Anyone who wants to can do extreme rafting on the river. To make the rest comfortable, a tourist just needs to take care of booking a hotel room and a car in advance. The Scantri service will help to do this, turning to it, the tourist can be sure - in a quick and optimal in all parameters, booking a room and a car.

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