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Guide to Cardiff
Guide to Cardiff

Interesting places and facts about the city Cardiff in Great Britain

Cardiff is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. It has obtained the "City" title in 1905, with developing of the local industry. Today, it is a bustling city where you can find plenty of entertainment for all tastes. The climate of this part of the country is temperate, and a summer temperature rarely rises above 24 degrees. The medieval architecture of Cardiff. Cardiff is closely intertwined with new buildings constructed in modern styles. The city slowly absorbs the remnants of his past, replacing them with new buildings and monuments.

Cardiff Attractions

Cardiff Castle is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The castle was built on the site of a Roman fort. Now the castle is a huge mansion that is open to all interested visitors. The main feature of this building is a different design of many rooms of the mansion. Walking through the castle you will not find the same room interiors, each one was designed separately and has its own unique style.
Castell Coch is another popular landmark. You'll see the typical medieval architecture and huge towers, but the interior of the rooms will definitely surprise you. Various fantasy movies are often filmed near the famous castle. There are gorgeous gardens around the castle, delighting the eye with their natural beauty. Llandaff Cathedral is among the most interesting and mystical place of Cardiff. This place is shrouded in legends and mysteries. Locals say that ghosts can be found in the dungeons of the cathedral. Ghost tour leads along the route where tourists have already seen them before.
Take your kids to Techniquest, a local science & discovery centre. It is a huge multilevel building concentrating various puzzles. Kids will be delighted by the variety of brainteasers and puzzles offered by this centre. Visiting Taff Valley Quad Bike & Activity Centre can become an unforgettable experience for your child. ATV riding, target shooting and various rides will leave pleasant memories. Mamba Gaming Center will offer your child a huge list of entertainment for all tastes. The centre's staff is very helpful and friendly. Boulders Indoor Climbing centre is also worth a visit, here your child can try him/herself as a climber. All climbings are carnied out under the supervision of qualified instructors, so you have nothing to worry about. Your kids will get a lot of emotions from climbing the walls.
Cardiff is a huge city featuring the largest concentration of nightclubs in England. Numerous clubs, pubs and bars to suit every taste are waiting for your visit. Music is changing gradually in the Cardiff's clubs. Dancing to the relaxing music can turn into a metal party.

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