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Guide to Calabria
Guide to Calabria

Interesting places and facts about the city Calabria in Italy

Calabria is a fairly large area in Italy located in the southern part of the Apennine peninsula, which includes five provinces - Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo-Valentia. The place is interesting from different perspectives with its magnificent beaches with a total length of almost 800 km, a rich history of each single town, and wonderful nature mixing green hills with a blue sea.

Interesting Attractions of Calabria

The most popular and prestigious resort of the region is the picturesque town of Tropea stretched out on a cliff near the sea. Local residents call this place "The Coast of the Gods," since here are the most beautiful beaches with unusual colors of water. One of the hallmarks of Tropea is a small St Mary's Island, on the cliff of which the Church of Santa Maria del Isola stands. Absolutely any city in Calabria is suitable for lovers of ancient heritage, but the most visited of them is Pizzo Calabro. Here is, perhaps, the most unusual church in Italy - Piedigrotta, which is hidden in a cave. It is painted and decorated by local artists and sculptors.

The best places for families in Calabria

The coast of Calabria is created for families with children - warm waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas, pure fine sand, various water entertainments. In Serra San Bruno there is an excellent Adventure Park - "Aventura Adrenaline." Here, being surrounded by forests and beautiful scenery, you can go through the obstacle course on rope ladders, bridges and ropes. The park offers routes of various complexity, there are slides and quite steep slopes, climbing walls.
Marine Aquarium in Isola di Capo Rizzuto is another very interesting destination. It is home to live jellyfish and starfish, octopuses and sea urchins, ominous moray eels and funny hermit crabs. Look for interesting entertainment in the "tactile pool", where it is allowed to touch inhabitants of the sea depths.

Best restaurants of Calabria

The cuisine of Calabria, as well as throughout Italy, is based on the use and combination of simple, eco-friendly products. One of the region's best restaurants is Da Ercole in Crotone, where you can enjoy fine snacks,Tuna Tartare, delicate shrimp, excellent fried fish and equally wonderful desserts. In addition, there is a good selection of wines, the most popular of which is Ciro that is produced in Crotone.
In Tropea there is a small restaurant "Pinturicchio" offering you to taste homemade pasta and the best pizza, sitting at cozy tables inside or outdoors. A special Italian flavor feels everywhere. You can always pick up a suitable tour to Calabria or other regions of Italy through our website!

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