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Cairo is Egypt's capital and the largest city African continent. Speaking about the population density, it should be noted that the third part the entire country is lives in Cairo. Imagine all the greatness and richness of the culture of the Egyptian civilization, which for six thousand years has been collected here, in the "Gates of the East" or the "City of a Thousand Minarets", connecting Europe, Asia and Africa!

Cafes And Places of Cairo

This is what must be described in the first place: a clash of cultures creates a truly excellent cuisine and traditions. In Cairo, there is a huge selection of establishments that can be both traditional and ultra-modern. Street coffee houses are the national pride and should be of particular attention in tourists. Commonly known as 'ahwa, these places are always full of men (for many hundreds of years) discussing their lives and problems. If you are a fan of European cafes, the Cilantro, Beanos, Cinnabon, Orangette, The Bakery and Coffee Roastery will delight you with their presence, not to mention the Costa Coffee and Starbucks. Do not be afraid to drink alcohol in Cairo, it is permissible, moreover, the best district to find best nightlife is Zamalek.
Of course, not only coffee is good here. If you want to taste something interesting, the streets are full of markets, fruit shops, pastry shops, bakeries, modern coffee shops, etc. If you are in one of these places, it is advisable to try true local hibiscus tea, served with ice, or milk cocktail sahleb, fruit salad fakhfakhenna, juice from fresh sugar cane, mango, or tamarind. And of course - hookah - a hybrid of smoking tradition of many cultures.
To begin with, we behave enough attentively and carefully, and do not fall under wheels or hooves on the street. Drink non-alcoholic drinks such as hibiscus tea, tamarind juice and sahleb and cool down, or energize in a street coffee-house and plan next steps. Buy some trinket or souvenir, while visiting the world's largest market of Khan El Khalili. Then look at the mummies in the Hall of the mummies of the pharaohs of the Egyptian Museum and go to the Valley of Giza to feel the eternity.

City of Scavengers

In one of the most distant parts of the city, zealous tourists may discover the unusual quarter, which is called the "city of scavengers." It has got such name because of its only inhabitants - the Copts or the Egyptian Christians. Their main family profession is to collect garbage around the city and sort it for recycling. Only imagine, you can meet hereditary scavengers there!
Even more noteworthy is the city market of Khan Al-Khalili, which is commonly known as simply Khan. It is one of the oldest markets in the world. Its history starts in 1382, and anybody will admire the quantity of stores located in such a small space, as well as buyers, tourists, and goods, and other things. This is a real tourist attraction and cultural center of Cairo! You will not find anywhere else such virtuoso glass products, as well as copper artworks. The same applies to perfumes and jewelry, which are made by hand by local artisans. Khan al-Khalili is a godsend for the traveler.

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