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Guide to Bundaberg
Guide to Bundaberg

Interesting places and facts about the city Bundaberg in Australia

Bundaberg was born due to the intensive development of the sugar industry in the region. This is explained by the fact that the city is simply surrounded by the cane plantations that are riddled with industrial railways. Of course, Bundaberg is primarily famous for its rum and ginger beer. They are made of the basic local export product - sugar cane. Marine tourism is also one of the most profitable items of the city, because it opens the access to the Great Barrier Reef.

Best Five Things To Do In Bundaberg

Walk along the northern bank of the river between the bridges Don Tallon and Burnett, and explore the. colony of flying foxes! Next, look for some transport, which would take you to the Bargara, where you can amuse yourself by feeding almost fearless tropical fishes that wait for tourists in the pool at the southern end of the esplanade. Climb up to the 100 meters hill called Hammock and photograph the city and its suburbs. This height is even enough to see the Fraser island. Get acquainted with local beverage traditions and try barand pink lemonade. After it, they usually drink rum, but the choice is yours!
Of course, any of the tourists want to learn live the history and the production of rum. Just imagine - Bundaberg Rum Factory works since 1888! Take the guide and go on to degustate all throughout the factory. A similar facility is a famous local brewery Bandaber Burrell, where you can get acquainted with the best in the region ginger beer and other typical beverages. In the shop near the brewery, you can not only taste beers for free, but also to take part in an interactive museum exhibition.
This place can be a real discovery, not only for nature lovers, but also the history of aviation, railway, and architecture lovers! There is a museum of Bert Hinkler, a pioneer aviator and a native of the city. This man became the first pilot who managed to fly alone from England to Australia in 1928, as well as crossed the South Atlantic in 1931. The building located now in Bundaberg was literally transported from England, brick by brick! A similar story for the Feyrimid, the building that was moved from the old location of the Sugar Company. It has become today a modern museum of sugar production. There is also a restored vintage steam locomotive that even retained the ability to ride on Sundays around the lake.
What may surprise you in local exotic geography? Maybe a cute mini-zoo in the park of Alexandra, right by the river, or the reserve Baldwin Swamp, where the lagoons and forest undergrowth are full of a huge variety of birds and bandicoots. But it is better to explore the surroundings of the city. For example, Bargara is a real beach suburb of Bundaberg. Just 20 km from the city you can find a 35 meter radius mysterious craters of more than 25 million years old! And on the very edge of the city on the coast is a place called Mon Repos - here you can see how the turtles are breeding every year in December!
Beaches here are not unique or best in the world but they are still popular among tourists and locals. For example, in Moore Park, there are 20 km of bright golden sandy beach exclusively for you! Also interesting in this regard are: Oakes, Nielsen Park, Kellis, Innes Park, and Elliot Heads beaches. Note also the national parks: Kanya Gorge, the famous 70-meter cliffs of sandstone; Deepwater, one of the few places with pristine nature in a freshwater pond; Eurimbula reserve with extremely beautiful local nature.

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