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Guide to Brussels
Guide to Brussels

Interesting places and facts about the city Brussels in Belgium

Brussels is a cultural capital of Belgium and the political center of the European Union. One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe can offer you a huge number of incredible medieval Gothic buildings and urban landscapes that haven’t been destroyed during the World Wars and survived in its original form. The famous central square of the capital of Belgium Grand Place and the Manneken Pis fountain deserve special attention. From compact coupes & stylish sports cars to practical and spacious SUVs & wagons, scantri offers its clients the widest range of quality vehicles in Brussels to suit your specific needs. Check out the best prices and great car hire deals in Belgium! We will give you an exclusive opportunity to drive the legendary models from the leading European automakers. Once you’ve decided where you’d like to spend your vacation or weekend, we will offer you the best 5-star or budget Brussels hotels. Refine your choice by location, price, rating, and distance from the city center. To get the favorable hotel deals, contact us today! Our managers will gladly offer couples, families or large companies suitable hotel rooms.
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