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Guide to Bristol
Guide to Bristol

Interesting places and facts about the city Bristol in Great Britain

Bristol, one of the largest ports in the United Kingdom founded in the 12-th century, lies on the banks of the River Avon in the south-west of England. These places were first settled by the Roman legionaries; After conquering the island by Wilhelm, the majestic castle was built here by his order. Direct access to the Atlantic Ocean made the town more convenient for maritime trade. The merchant caravans to Ireland, Portugal, and Spain went through the port of Bristol. The first highway on the new road coating technologies called McAdam was built in Bristol. The first supersonic passenger aircraft was also designed and built in this city, which has become a centre of the aviation industry by the middle of the 20th century.

Local Attractions

Go to the Castle Park to explore ruins of one the most beautiful English castles built in 1088 by order of William the Conqueror. The castle was destroyed by order of Oliver Cromwell during the Civil War; unfortunately, only one tower survived until the first quarter of the last century, after which it has collapsed too.
St Mary's Church is also considered to be a unique architectural monument. It was built of sandstone in the 15-th century, but despite its apparent fragility, the Gothic-style building is perfectly preserved in its original form. University of Bristol. The 19th century neo-Gothic. The magnificent building with a tower rushing skyward to a height of 65 meters. The hexagonal top is surrounded by four small towers, while the lower two-thirds of the building feature huge lancet windows.
Be sure to visit the Bristol bridge, an oldest engineering construction in the UK.

Entertainment and Restaurants

Barrs Court restaurant, another city attraction, invites active travelers to rest and have a good meal at the end of eventful day. The fact is that this snack-bar is open since 14-th century. Today, it is a lovely family restaurant with a special children's menus and a safe playground offering unforgettable experiences for your kids. Adults can enjoy a good selection of local dishes and an extensive wine list. Hatchet Inn Pub is open since 1606. In those days it was a place with a dubious reputation where you could not meet decent people. But today, the pub offers its guests homemade cuisine and a good English beer as well as a comfortable and very cozy atmosphere.
Landscapes of the city are amazing, the food is delicious, the story is very ancient and rich, the cultural program in general is incredible, so you will definitely come back to Bristol again. For your convenience, make a hotel booking or rent a car on the website before starting your exciting British journey.

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