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Guide to Blackpool
Guide to Blackpool

Interesting places and facts about the city Blackpool in Great Britain

Blackpool is located on the shores of the Irish Sea on the territory of the county of Lancashire. It is the oldest resort city in the United Kingdom. Blackpool is considered the first town in England where electricity first appeared, so the city concentrates a lot of luminous signboards and signs. All the popular tourist destinations are located near the sea coast on the main street of the city. Central street stretches for 20 kilometers along the coastline, accommodating a huge number of local cafes and restaurants. There are almost no quiet places in Blackpool, noise and fun are everywhere.

Blackpool Attractions

The first English trams are still running through the streets of the city, attracting curious travelers. Their route runs along the city's central square. The Irish Sea is quite stormy and often floods the coastal areas, but despite this it looks amazing. The main feature of these trams is their design. Trams are stylized as different ships with colored lights.
Blackpool has its Eiffel Tower, though it is much smaller than original construction. The locals call it the Blackpool Tower. There is a lift, which lifts visitors to three different levels. Below is a platform with a glass floor, for fans of extreme.

Traveling to Blackpool with kids

There is a lot of entertainments for children in Blackpool. A huge indoor Sandcastle water park is on of them. This water park is the largest in the country and has 18 huge water slides. Of course, the kids will get a lot of emotions enjoying rides for children of all ages.
It is necessary to explore the huge Pleasure Beach amusement park. The height of RollerCoaster is really frightening. It is so huge that there are light bulbs designed for aircraft pilots warning at the highest points. There is also a separate part of the park called Nickelodeon Land for the youngest visitors. Another interesting place to be visited in the park is the Ice Arena.

Places to visit in Blackpool

Visiting the Grand Theatre is an excellent idea for the evening out. Even with the increasing popularity of cinema, the theater continues to operate and offer interesting performances to suit any taste.

For gourmets

Blackpool is quite versatile in terms of cuisine. The city has numerous cafes and restaurants, which can offer tourists both English and European menus for every taste. Most cafes and restaurants also offer the morning menu for a buffet, and a quiet and romantic atmosphere can be found here in the evenings. Frequent changes in the menu are explained by the fact that the chefs are constantly trying to impress visitors with something new and unusual.

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