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Guide to Birmingham
Guide to Birmingham

Interesting places and facts about the city Birmingham in Great Britain

Birmingham is located in the heart of the West Midlands. It is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. Its wide-area network of sites is explained by the eventful history. The city itself was founded in the 6th century. In the 13th century, the impressive fairs held here have left their mark in the history of the country. Due to favorable location, it has developed rapidly in the 16th century and became a large manufacturing center. It is a city of contrasts where the most modern places are combined with old historical buildings.

The main attractions

There are many sights in Birmingham. It is a "guardian" of historical heritage of the country. Different centuries are represented by different buildings. Coming to the old medieval town, a tourist gets into the time machine. Visiting the Gothic-style St Martin's Church you find yourself in the 13 century. Take a look at the bells, which appeared here in the 16 century. But you have to go a little further to the Birmingham Cathedral built in the classical style, and visit the St Chad's Cathedral representing a neo-Gothic style in order to enjoy the 18-th century. The further way will lead you to our times represented by art galleries and ultra-modern buildings.
The Cathedral of St. Philip is a place where you can not only admire the architecture, but also see the old organ, which has been standing here at least 300 years. Be sure to visit the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower. It is one of the highest single buildings with a clock mechanism. In addition to its cultural value, it has more mundane purposes. It can be seen from many parts of Birmingham allowing easy orientation.
Walk around the city will give you a lot of bright impressions, since Birmingham is an English Venice. It earned such a title due to its extensive network of canals. Tourists are advised to visit the Railway Museum presenting the locomotives of different times. There are many museums dedicated to glass, art jewelry or motorcycles in the city. Football fans will be interested in the Villa Park Club built in the 19th century. When walking on the North-East, you can see the water park with 30 lakes.

Places to go with kids

The large Botanical Garden presenting an unimaginable number of plants, exotic birds and animals is a perfect place for a family holiday. Here you can also find a bird reserve along with a marine life center. The City Park invites travelers to visit a small local zoo.

Restaurants of the city

Highlands Bar Grill & is a restaurant featuring a luxurious atmosphere reached through the use of antiques in the Interior. Enjoy an extensive selection of wines. The unforgettable veal dishes are also offered to visitors. Saw's Soul Kitchen is a place where you can taste the unique dishes. Pork dishes as well as a classic white sauce are worth a try. This is a pretty noisy place, it is not suitable for family dinners. If you don't want to spend a lot of time waiting for a table, book a table in advance.

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