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Guide to Belfast
Guide to Belfast

Interesting places and facts about the city Belfast in Great Britain

The old city of Belfast, a capital of the region with a population of more than 500,000 lies on the banks of the River Lagan located in Northern Ireland, on the cold shores of the Irish Sea. At the end of the 12-th century, a young but very ambitious English knight John de Courcy built a castle here in 1177, and it is considered to be the Belfast founding date. After 400 years, settlers from England and Scotland appeared in this place due to the King James' orders. The castle was rebuilt, and the peasants began to work in the surrounding fields, forming here a small town, but Belfast received its city status much later, in 1888, during the reign of Queen Victoria. In the mid-19th century shipbuilding industry in Belfast reached a new level, which led to the launching of three waterfowl engineering giants such as Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. Belfast became a capital of Northern Ireland only in 1921.
Belfast Castle is the very first place to be visited by every traveler arriving in this city. A large fire that occurred in 1708 completely destroyed it, but a hundred years later, the city Council decided to renovate the construction. And now this magnificent building with tall windows and lots of towers is open to the public. "The Ring of the giants", a kind of mini-Stonehenge, is located near the Northern Irish capital. The huge 5,000-year-old stone slabs have become a popular tourist destination.
The amazing Albert Tower named in honor Victoria's husband is decorated with small turrets, and the watch installed on it completely replicate a clock of the Clock Tower also known as "Big Ben". Due to the small tilt, Albert Tower is often compared to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Places to visit in Belfast

The local Botanic Garden is situated on the territory of the Royal University of Ireland. It features a truly incredible decoration, an extensive exhibition of flowers and plants from all over the world with a separately located tropical pavilion with lots of palm trees and other tropical inhabitants.

Entertainment and Restaurants

"Holohans at the Barge" Restaurant is the best choice for the travelers who want to plunge into the atmosphere of the real Ireland. Irish people like to have fun in a big way, that is why here you can always enjoy funny and noisy parties. A huge selection of any alcohol can make your party unforgettable!

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