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Guide to Bathurst
Guide to Bathurst

Interesting places and facts about the city Bathurst in Australia

The major historical nuance about Bathurst is that it is the most ancient inland settlement of Australia as a whole. The aboriginal people were Wiradjuri. The second important moment is that it is commonly known as the "Gold Country" - it is also the first golden mines and exploration spot of the industry. Located at near 120 miles from the capital, this city has things to surprise you in any type of entertainment.

Important Landmarks

Mount Panorama Racetrack Circuit in Bathurst is a mecca for all the extreme racers and even global championships. It covers more than 10 parks and reserves, and hosts also touring car racing events. The city center is unique firstly because of many historical buildings from 1800s. The central square of the city is called Kings Parade. Being a city market in 1849-1906, now, it is a public recreation ground, a park with gardens, and home for three memorials: the Bathurst War Memorial Carillon, a 100 ft tall tower located in the very middle of the square, The Evans memorial to the discoverer the Bathurst Plains, George Evans, and the Boer War memorial.
Bathurst will be very interesting place for those who love history, especially with respect to the architecture periods. The city covers and reserves almost all the historical periods starting with the old colonial period of 1815-1840, Old Government House, Holy Trinity Church; the early Victorian period of 1840-1860, "Loxsley" townhouse, Royal Hotel; the Mid Victorian period of 1860-1880, St. Stanislaus' College, the railway station, Abercrombie House, Bathurst Hospital, Bathurst's Courthouse, etc.; the Late Victorian period of 1880 to 1900, the Bathurst Showground Buildings; the Federation period of 1900-1915, Charles Sturt University; the Inter-War period of 1915-1940, Knickerbocker Hotel, Commonwealth Bank. Pretty wide variety, isn't it?
The New South Wales first regional music center, the Mitchell Conservatorium, is located in Bathurst, as well as the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery of Australian Art featuring even some works of Lloyd Rees. Also interesting to visit is the Macquarie Philharmonia with two orchestras, Australia's Inland Symphony Orchestra. Theater is presented mainly by Carillon Theatrical Society having rich history after being born in 1959. The Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre is a special place where various events and performances are held. Royal Bathurst Agricultural Show is of particular interest as it was received from the Queen.
The Central Tablelands, the region of the city, is a newly born gourmet food and unique brewery location. The main engine of all this development is surprisingly a non-profit team called Bre&d that encourages tourists and guests of the city to participate and taste local products. The monthly Bathurst Farmers Markets are of their hand as well as the Bathurst Showground, Under the Stars, and On the Bridge annual gatherings. Here, you can find not only degustation but even workshops from chefs.

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