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Guide to Bariloche
Guide to Bariloche

Interesting places and facts about the city Bariloche in Argentina

Bariloche (San Carlos de Bariloche) is a city located near the Andes. Population exceeds 100 thousand people. It is surrounded by mountains and lakes and considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Argentina. The city is famous for its ski resorts. Skiers often choose a mountain called Cerro Catedral as their final destination. Tourists can explore numerous city attractions and get the opportunity to enjoy water activities and climbing as well as trekking.

Major attractions

The Neo-Gothic «Catedral de San Carlos de Bariloche» is a relatively modern building founded in the mid-twentieth century. Most of the images are wood carvings. Church of Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi is located in the heart of Bariloche. The stained glass windows demonstrate the pictures from the life of Jesus, from the history of the first Europeans arrival to America, the history of world wars. And a lot of interesting historical images. A visit to the church will take about an hour.
Nahuel Huapi National Park. One day is not enough to explore all the attractions in the National Park. Therefore, the park is divided into different sectors. Visit through an agency will cost 45 dollars. On the way travelers enjoy the wooded scenery, mountain river with crystal clear water where you can see floating rainbow trout. There are several places to stay on the route.
Puerto Blest y Cascada de los Cantaro Reserve. The experienced tourists recommend to explore a waterfall and a lake first of all. Here you can ride a catamaran, see the snowy landscapes or walk in the mountains. In winter, the roads are slippery due to the snow and ice covering them. The «Puerto Blest» hotel accommodates tourists before walking. Places to go with kids. «Parque Nahuelito» Dinosaur Park. This is a walk through the forest with a qualified guide. On the way you can listen to dinosaurs roaring and even watch the walking reptiles in their original size. Guides tell the story of each dinosaur using elements of the show. The park is one of the most beautiful and exciting attractions for your children.
«Cerveceria Gilbert Bariloche» family brewery. Here you can stop for lunch (stewed lamb and pumpkin soup are strongly recommended). Sample some quality beer, especially light beers. One of the owners will make a brief but very informative report on his brewery, demonstrating original brewing process. After that, everyone can enjoy tasting.

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