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Guide to Baku
Guide to Baku

Interesting places and facts about the city Baku in Azerbaijan

Baku is often called Paris of the East, although the modern tourist will most likely compare this beautiful eastern capital with Dubai. The modern city of lights is famous for its skyscrapers and the wealth, which was given to the city by the oil industry. But the charm of Baku can't be hidden behind the cutting-edge sheath of the ancient city that holds many mysteries. Here, the modern architecture is amazingly combined with medieval buildings, filled with mysterious oriental flavor. Like any eastern city, Baku offers foreign tourists to go to the bustling bazaar in order to buy a handmade carpet or other traditional household items.


Hurry up to complete all the works in the morning to admire the the futuristic "Flame Towers" in the evening. Today, the capital of Azerbaijan founded more than 1000 years ago attracts tourists with numerous unique attractions such as Gobustan and Absheron National Parks, Haji Gayib’s bathhouse or the "Fire Temple of Baku".
Baku is completely surrounded by villages, which together with the city form the whole agglomeration. Most villages situated in the Caspian Sea area offer a sophisticated tourist own sanatoriums, resorts, spas, and lovely beaches. The special geographical location gave the hot city many sandy beaches with gentle slopes into the sea, so you'll have to go pretty far out to sea to get at greater depth. The most visited city beaches such as Barbados Beach, Sahil Beach or Palm Beach have a well-developed infrastructure. Here vacationers can find cabanas, umbrellas, sun beds, lockers, showers, toilets, and other amenities of civilization.
It is impossible to leave Baku without tasting traditional Azerbaijani dishes, which here are pursuing tourists from Europe, Asia and America at every turn. The hot city is full of cafes and inexpensive restaurants, which offer their guests a traditional shashlik, kebabs, famous kutaby and other meat dishes. If in addition to the delicious food you are looking for oriental service and authentic atmosphere, go to the old town, where you will find a number of restaurants, interesting for its interior and eastern hospitality. Depending on your taste preferences, here you will pay for you breakfast or dinner about 5-20 AZN.
In addition to traditional cuisine, Baku offers tourists a lot of European style cafe where you can order the usual bacon and eggs, croissants, pancakes, etc. If you're short on time, feel free to go for the shawarma - locals cook it fast and tasty. Turkish shawarma in Baku is even tastier than in Turkey! The city also has a few expensive nightclubs, bars and restaurants, where the skillful decoration of dishes, beautiful views, and European service demand from visitors for more money.
All the attractions of the capital of Azerbaijan can be divided into 3 types: The old city, Soviet period buildings, and modern Baku. The old city is the historical center, where began the history of the ancient city. The most interesting attraction here is considered to be the Maiden Tower, which previously was the main citadel of the fortress. At the same time locals call the Palace of the Shirvanshahs the jewel of Baku, which is a whole complex of buildings, which were used as intended by Shirvan rulers. You can end an eventful day in Baku in a comfortable hotels or cheap hostels, located at every step.

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