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Guide to Bahia Blanca
Guide to Bahia Blanca

Interesting places and facts about the city Bahia Blanca in Argentina

Bahía Blanca is located in Buenos Aires province. The beautiful and extraordinary city is one of the frequently visited cities of Argentina, which got its name because of the beautiful white sand of the coast. This is one of the largest industrial cities in the country and an important tourist destination. The famous local deep-water port is used for the export of wool and grain. The first mentions of the town date back to 1828. The climate of the city is close to the temperate, there is plenty of rain. In summer the temperature reaches 28 degrees. The best months to visit the city is from November to April.

Attractions of Bahia Blanca

All the attraction's sculptures are created from unserviceable railway equipment and transport. The best masters of our time worked on them to turn this place into one of the most visited landmarks in the city.

The English Fountain

The construction of the fountain was completed in 1928. Carrara marble was used during the fountaun making. It is decorated with images of women, which personified the major industrial sectors of the country at that time. A small stone Angel stands in the center of the fountain.
The library is located in the historical part of the city, on Colón Avenue. The architecture of the building was influenced by the traditions of the era of Louis XV. Minerva's head adorns the facade of the building at the main entrance. Precious copies of books can be found in three blocks. Free admission.

City Palace

The Palace is the oldest building in town built in 1909. Previously, there was a hospital, but today this place stands out from all the architectural structures of the city. Two-story lobby welcomes visitors with a beautiful arch and bright lighting. Today it hosts special events and meetings of government officials.

Places to visit with children

You can take your children the Museum of Porta del Puerto, where you'll see unusual ships, boats and other water craft. Some local hotels offer playgrounds and even animation services on its territory. Theme parties throughout the year are not uncommon. But the beaches of the city are the best destinations for young tourists. Experienced instructors can give a few surfing lessons. Fans of extreme sports will appreciate jet skiing, skiing and parasailing over the water.

For gourmets

Locals are renowned for cooking different dishes. Historically, people of different nationalities live here. This affected the culinary preferences of the restaurants offering a variety of meat dishes, which have a unique taste and flavor. Locals like pasta, salads, fish, and pizza. Although fast food enjoys not less popularity among the inhabitants of Bahia Blanca and its visitors.
Visiting Baja form, make sure to try the sausages, beef roast, asado, jempanado, matambre, milanesa, media Luna and other dishes with unusual names. Among drinks, latte and Argentine beer a definitely worth a try. Drink a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop.

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