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Guide to Alice Springs
Guide to Alice Springs

Interesting places and facts about the city Alice Springs in Australia

Alice Springs is located in the heart of the Australia's "Red region", which got its name because of the geographical features and a color of the local soil. If you want the see the real Australia, come to Alice Springs to admire the famous natural monuments. The second largest city in the Northern Territory with a population of 29,000 is the geographical center of the continent. It should be noted that more than 17% of of city residents are indigenous Australian Aborigines. In addition to the unique natural features, the town surrounded by deserts on all sides offers today's travelers all the delights of civilized leisure facilities, including a casino, restaurants, and shopping centers. Alice Springs often acts as a starting point, where tourists start their journey to the countryside landmarks such as Ayers Rock, Standley chasm or fabulous Simpsons Gap.

Natural attractions

Travelling to Ayers Rock, the huge red rock located near the city (450 km away from Alice Springs), is very popular among tourists who come here in search of new adventures. Formed over 680 million years ago, the 3.6 km long rock with a height of 348 meters demonstrates the ancient rock paintings at its base. If you look at the mountain during sunset or sunrise, you will get a chance to watch the unique alien landscapes of this majestic region. At the same time, the mountain changes its color during the day: from red to blue and even purple. Go 20 miles west to discover another local landmark - Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. At the same time Watarrka National Park invites tourists to admire Kings Canyon, faults of which demonstrates rocks formed more than 440 million years.
Alice Springs is a major tourist destination, which in addition to amazing natural monuments, mountains, and gorges has specially equipped resorts, casinos, Aboriginal Art Museum, cinemas, noisy clubs and numerous restaurants. Tourists who have already visited Ellery Creek Big Hole, the MacDonnell Mountain Ranges, and a wonderful Palm Valley can continue their journey through the wild Australia. Head to Dessert Park, an old telegraph station or a local botanical garden. The other side of Alice Springs is an exciting hot-air ballooning and even exotic camel tours. After a long day spent in the heart of red Australia tired travelers can relax at a hotel or one of the inexpensive hostels. Specially equipped car parks will make the journey easier and more convenient.
Despite its small size and remoteness from major Australian cities, Alice Springs is one of the richest cities in the country. What's the secret? Developing economy of the city is the result of tourist attractiveness of the region, which each year meets more than 500 thousand foreign tourists. The developed tourism sector has affected the number of local cafes and restaurants, which are now ready to offer the dear guests their favorite Italian, French, Japanese, Indian or American cuisines. The most visited and popular restaurants among foreigners are Rocky's Pizza, Indian Chef Restaurant, Flavours of India, Hong Kong Restaurant, and Star of Alice Café. Visit one of the top rated cafes to make your weekends in Australia tastier. Do not miss the opportunity to take part in festivals and events like Finke Desert Race, Beanie Festival, Camel Cup or Alice Desert Festival.

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