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Guide to Alicante
Guide to Alicante

Interesting places and facts about the city Alicante in Spain

Alicante is the capital of the province of the same name in Spain. This attractive city is located on the Mediterranean coast. Large sandy beaches, warm sea, comfortable weather conditions throughout the year, many sights attract the tourists from all over the world.


The city is extremely rich in various historical and cultural monuments. The main and most popular sight is Castillo de Santa Barbara. It is so high that you need to take a lift. Nearby there is a chapel and a park. Basílica de Santa María is another pearl of architecture. The structure was built in the Gothic style after the city passed into the possession of Spain. Castillo de San Fernando is located in the heart of the city on a hill. Now this place is perfect for rest with the whole family: next to the castle there are running tracks, a football field, as well as a spacious park area. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante is free to visit. The museum collected the works of contemporary artists – paintings, graphics and sculpture. While parents are viewing the exposition, children can run around the halls, this is allowed here. There are various exhibitions and installations on the square in front of the museum.
Alicante has a lot of places where you can have a good time. Explanada de España deserves a special notice! The pavement is covered with mosaics in the form of waves of different colors – light gray, red-brown and black. On the one side you can watch the real sea waves, here there is one of the many beaches – Postiguet. On both sides of the boulevard are planted date palms, which give a good shadow. In the same area there is a market where you can buy some items of the folk craftsmen.

For gourmets

Bubyston Cafe Lounge is a place where you will be served a delicious paella. You must taste this national Spanish dish. Here, the traditions of the national Spanish cuisine are carefully observed. Xiringuito Postiguet is a cafe-room located directly on the beach. After bathing in the sea and lying under the sun, you will definitely want to have a snack. Here you can order a variety of snacks and refreshments. Pleasant music and courteous staff make staying in this cafe-room even more pleasant. Amapola PUB is a bar where a variety of cocktails are served, which are masterly mixed by bartenders. Fast and courteous service, drinks, cozy atmosphere make this bar one of the best in Alicante.

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