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Tourists coming to England, first of all, go to the capital - to London. The magnificent Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the Tower and Tower Bridge will not leave anyone indifferent. In London there are the largest and most famous museums - the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum. Outside of London, you can see many beautiful and interesting castles and manors. Among the English cathedrals, it is especially necessary to distinguish Canterbury, York, Chester and Lincoln.


Many tourists come to Italy from all over the world, because there really is something to admire. Thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure in Italy it will not be difficult to find hotels for every taste and purse - from fashionable hotel chains to small family hotels. The graduation of hotels is the same as in other countries.


Since tourism makes up the bulk of Spain's income, neither money nor energy is spared for its development in the country. So, today the services of tourists are offered about 10 thousand various hotels, hotels, boarding houses and other accommodation options. You can choose as a fashionable hotel of one of the world's networks, stay in an old castle, and rent a room in a student hostel or hostel. The star of the hotel is determined by the Tourism Administration of Spain and can have a gradation of one to five stars.

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