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Modern tourists are increasingly resorting to the car booking service in Switzerland, because with our service it is not only easy, but also very profitable. For your dates, we will select the lowest rental prices for the car you like and even offer related services or additional equipment. Having tried only once, everyone will always book a car anywhere in the world only through our service.

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Car reservation in Switzerland

Rental Tips
  • Do not forget to carefully study the "Lease terms". All the necessary information is concentrated there.
  • If you wish to purchase additional equipment, then you need to specify it when booking.

Today, in the age of information technology, it is much easier for tourists to plan their own trip to the smallest details. They choose a country, book a hotel, excursions, plan meals and shopping. Now with our service, you can book a car in advance in Switzerland, taking into account all your wishes. In order to provide our customers with additional comfort, we have simplified the booking process to three simple steps.

  1. You select the dates for which you expect to take the car, later you can change them if you make such a request on time.
  2. From the list, choose the car that suits your goals, taste and interests.
  3. Fill out the simplest contact form with your details.

As you have already noticed, this will not take you much time. The only thing that can take time is the selection of a car. After all, most rental offices, especially large ones, provide a large number of cars with their own individual exterior and functionality. But the best part is that the prices even for a luxury car are very favorable. All this happens because we work directly with rental points and provide a low price level without any extra charges or fees. Check prices in terms of rental and booking.

Reservations may include additional equipment that will be provided to you directly at the rental point. There you can also purchase all the necessary insurance. But be careful, checking the invoice before paying, unscrupulous employees of the rental centers may intentionally include services that they did not notify you about in advance. If such situations arise, you can always draw the attention of the rental workers to this and they will clear up the misunderstanding.

Switzerland: you will get to know this country better if you have a car


Travelling to Switzerland

Switzerland is a fascinating country as its people not only comply with the established rules, but also respects the first Constitution which was designed in the mid-19th century. The Swiss speak four languages, and people with income here are not proud of their wealth and can easily use the public transportation. Modern Switzerland is divided into 23 cantons, and each administrative canton has its own government and has its own laws. Order in the country is seen everywhere, the trains and buses follow the schedule, in the stores and restaurants visitors are served politely, quickly and at a high level. Tourists here are very respected people, Swiss treat the travellers friendly and try to help them in everything.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland, it is situated on the banks of the River Aare. The capital city is located in the centre of the country, it has favourable environmental conditions and extraordinary purity. Cars do not drive along the central streets, one third of the territory of Bern is for gardens and parks. Locals did not experience war, therefore, many historical monuments here are preserved in its original form. The city has many buildings built in the middle ages, and monuments are well-maintained.

Travelling from the airport to the centre with the city taxi costs 30 francs, and it takes just 15 minutes as in the city there is practically no traffic jam. Numerous old houses with red tiled roofs and quiet streets create a romantic mood and perfectly suite hiking. Down from the high hills descend whimsical stairs, and it is quite common to drink water from the fountains in the old town. One of the attractions of the Swiss capital is a shopping street Kramgasse, there every May the famous flower market takes place. This market street is considered the longest shopping place in Europe, here is a drugstore that exists since 1571.

Kramgasse stretches for six kilometres with its numerous shops, stores and boutiques. Street is famous for its beautiful fountains, and the air is filled with the aroma of the popular worldwide Swiss chocolate. The famous clock tower built in 1420 was originally the women prison. The watch installed on the tower once has been visible in all the parts of the city and it has been operational for 500 years and during this time has never stopped.