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    Hundreds of tourists every day book a car through our website. Why? Because our service is dominated by low prices, and there are more and more rental points in St. Martin French. The booking process itself takes place in three steps and does not require specific knowledge from you. All you need to do is choose dates, choose a car that suits your interests and fill out the contact form.

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    Rental Tips
    • Keep in mind that booking in advance increases your chances of choosing absolutely any car. Otherwise, you will have to choose from those that remain.
    • The amount for the car rental includes all the necessary insurances, but if you want to be even more secure, you can purchase additional insurances at the rental point.

    Travel is a way to relax, fill yourself with new strength and naturally see new places and get as many positive emotions as possible. But how to do this if you don't want to travel by public transport, and the transfer services are too expensive and you don't want to have an additional person in the form of a driver in a quiet family company? There is a simple way out - booking a car in St. Martin French. If you use our server, you can book your car in three easy steps.

    1. You choose the dates for which you rent a car, be careful, you can change them only if you contact us in a timely manner.
    2. From the proposed options, choose the car that you will like not only in terms of the exterior, but will also delight you with its functionality. Pay particular attention to the booking conditions before confirming your choice of car.
    3. Fill in the forms with your details. Be careful when filling out the appropriate forms, because later this data will be indicated on your voucher. Please remember that reservations must be made for the person providing their driver's license and credit card.

    After completing your booking, you will be sent a voucher - confirmation by email. It must be printed.

    Upon arrival at the rental point, you can purchase additional equipment and all the necessary insurance. Before providing you with the vehicle, the rental office has the full right to request from you your credit card, voucher and driver's license. This is a prerequisite, and therefore carefully check the documents. Payment takes place already upon delivery of the car and you must have the required amount on your credit card. Otherwise, it can lead to undesirable consequences.

    St. Martin French: you will get to know this country better if you have a car

    St. Martin French

    Saint Martin is the smallest of the inhabited islands located in the Caribbean archipelago. Its uniqueness is that for the past 350 years it has been belonging to two countries, France and the Netherlands. The northern part is ruled by the first, and south part by the second. The border here is conditional, i.e. you can move freely and if you wish you can walk around the whole island by foot within 40-45 minutes. Tropical vegetation, fabulous colour of the sea, free trade zone and possibility in one holiday to see the features of two different countries attract a lot of tourists.

    When it is better to go to Saint Martin?

    Due to the tropical climate, holidays here are possible all year round. Peak of the season is in April-May when the temperature warms up to 27 C with no rainfall. In July and August here is fairly hot as the thermometer indicates +32 - 34 C. Rains tend to go in the period from September to November, but the number of rainy days does not exceed 8 times per month.

    Travellers and tourists visiting Saint Martin in February have a chance to see colourful and fun carnival lasting whole a week of July 14 when the French part of the island nation celebrates Bastille Day, on 25 December Christmas is celebrated everywhere, and in November are held the events dedicated to the neighbourhood of two countries as the Day of Concord. Thus, entertainment would be definitely enough for everyone!

    Characteristics of holidays in Saint Martin

    Virtually all of the island's hotels offer their guests an impeccable level of service and excellent accommodation. Apart of staying in the hotels, renting apartments and flats are popular as well, they do not concede on the level of comfort to the hotel rooms of good quality.