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Rent a car in Ibiza at competitive prices

To get a car you need:
  • Voucher
  • Driver's license (valid for at least 12 month
  • Credit card
  • Passport

Never before has the process of booking in the city Ibiza (Spain) been so simple and straightforward. Choose the required dates, select a car from an extensive list, fill out the contact form and that's it. We will do the rest of the work for you, and after completing the booking process, we will send you a confirmation voucher by email. You will have to present it at the rental office, along with your passport, driver's license and credit card. Remember that the booking must be made in the name of the person whose driver's license will be provided at the rental point, and the credit card must have the entire amount required.

Car classes at

  • Minivan
  • Mini
  • Wagon
  • Suv
  • Full-Size
  • Economical
  • Compact

Rent in the nearest directions from Ibiza

    You can rent such a car in any city Spain, even in Ibiza.

    Renting a compact car always causes a stir in Ibiza. Taking such a car, you can easily overcome any path in Spain. If you want to rent a car for driving along the main streets of Ibiza, from office to hotel, then it makes no difference for you which type of car you choose, but there are also your preferences. Just imagine how much more convenient it is to get around in the compact car Ibiza. Parking is easier and faster to find, maneuverability is much higher than that of the same SUV. And the safety indicators are much higher.

    But if you are an avid traveler, photographer, blogger, then you need a compact car in Spain. Do they need trunks of things? Tireless adventurers always travel light, sometimes with a single backpack all over Spain. Throw it in the back seat of a compact car rented in Ibiza and you will enjoy a pleasant ride. Put aside business and doubts and enjoy the long-awaited journey through the beautiful country.

    Attractions Ibiza

    Ibiza is the capital of the island with the same name, the most beautiful and rousing island of the Mediterranean. Unique landscapes and parties annually attract about a million tourists per year.
    There are areas for all kinds of recreation on the island: family, entertaining, unusual.

    The season on the island lasts from May to October, and the peak is in July-August, so it’s better to book tours and hotels on this time until April, otherwise you may not find free places or pay an unthinkable price. There are three beaches, a historic old town and accommodation for any taste in the capital of Ibiza: from fashionable “five-stars” to hostels.


    The historical center of the city is Ibiza Town, which preserved powerful medieval fortifications. The Cathedral of 13-14 century, which embodied the elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, became the decoration of the old town. Here is the church of St. Domingo.

    Areas like El Eixample and La Marina also have a color. No doubt, the sights of the town include landscapes, which are shot in films and commercials from around the world. On the island, it's easy to rent a car or use public transport to drive around rocky bays, admiring the color of the sea and sand. Also there are many parks, forests, where you can hide from the heat and observe the beauty of nature.