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    By stopping a choice on our service for booking a car in Saint Lucia, you choose the best. Our prices are lower than those of competitors, and the quality is always on top. We work directly with rental points, and therefore we can afford to provide a price without unnecessary margins and fees. Booking has never been so easy and affordable. Follow three steps and nothing else, we will do the rest for you!

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    Rental Tips
    • Do not forget to carefully study the "Lease terms". All the necessary information is concentrated there.
    • If you wish to purchase additional equipment, then you need to specify it when booking.

    Booking in Saint Lucia always seemed to you a process that takes a lot of time and effort? Do you think that booking a car is expensive and useless? It's time to dispel your stereotypes! Our company has extensive experience in this area and hundreds of tourists make daily car reservations through our service.

    It's no secret that booking a car seems like an expensive pleasure, but with our service, this statement is nothing more than a myth. When choosing a car, you are provided with all options from economy class to luxury class. However, they are all presented at the lowest possible prices. This is because we work directly with rental points and can afford to avoid unnecessary fees and extra charges, and therefore booking is very profitable. Our service will allow you not only to relax in comfort, but also to keep your budget. When booking, you can order additional services of a different nature, from a child seat to a spare set of tires. All this is possible, and upon your choice, it will be indicated in the confirmation voucher. It takes so little time to book a car that you will be pleasantly surprised. Just follow three easy steps and nothing else.

    1. Choose the dates you need, you can change them if you contact in time.
    2. Choose the car you are interested in from the extensive list. Remember that we are not responsible for the fact that you may be presented with another car at the rental point. This is due to the heavy workload of some rental points. But in turn, we guarantee that the class of the car will be fully respected.
    3. Fill out your contact information by entering the data in the appropriate fields, be as careful and focused as possible.

    We will do the rest for you. You just have to arrive at the rental point on time and pick up the car.

    Saint Lucia: you will get to know this country better if you have a car

    Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia is the country and island with the same name located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Previously it was under the rule of the UK as it has been its colony as a part of the Lesser Antilles. Low mountain slopes and peaks covered with green forests with extraordinarily beautiful orchids make the island country special.

    When it is better to go to Saint Lucia?

    The best time to visit the island is from September till April, while rainy season falls on the period from May till August. However, the rainy season will not prevent tourists from having holidays as because of the warm climatic conditions, St. Lucia can be visited all year round.

    January is a month of striking events and masquerades. Its starts from the large-scale Christmas fair. Then the colourful and unique Masquerade Dad-Jaeb follows. The Musical Carnival is organized for real music lovers; then in the end of the month is the national Culinary Festival.

    December is the most festivities’ month. Almost every day the sphere is joyful, enchanting and captivating. Various activities, fairs, masquerades and tournament related to the National day and Christmas are organized.

    Characteristics of holidays at Saint Lucia