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    With the help of our website, you can book a car in more than 32,000+ locations around the world. It's simple, no matter how far from the rental point you are, even if it's Papua New Guinea. For your convenience, the booking process is simplified as much as possible and is provided in Russian so that you do not have any difficulties. Moreover, booking is done in three simple steps and does not require any special knowledge.

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    Car reservation in Papua New Guinea

    Rental Tips
    • Do not forget to carefully study the "Lease terms". All the necessary information is concentrated there.
    • If you wish to purchase additional equipment, then you need to specify it when booking.

    Rental locations in Papua New Guinea represent organizations that own their own car fleet within a country or city. Arriving in another country, you may need a car, but you do not want to apply to transfer services - then rental offices are an ideal option. Naturally, if you just arrive at the rental office and start demanding a car, then you will either be refused, or unclaimed models will be offered. Therefore, it is better to take care of booking a car in advance. With the help of our service, you can not only quickly book a car, but also purchase additional services. Reservation is done in just three steps:

    1. Selection of the dates you are interested in.
    2. Choosing the right car.
    3. Fill out the contact form with your dates. The procedure is designed so simple that any user can intuitively handle it, regardless of the level of training, because no specific data is required.

    After completing the booking process, you will receive a confirmation voucher. Be sure to print it, it will contain not only your data, but also information on how to change the booking details and contact details of the rental point. Upon arrival at the rental office, you will need to present some documentation:

    1. Driver's license in the name of the person who booked the car.
    2. Credit card with the required amount.
    3. Directly the voucher itself.

    If the required documents are not available, you may be denied a car reservation. Or the car may be offered, but at different rates. If everything is in place, you will be given the keys to the car. Before the trip, carefully read the instructions for using the car and inspect it both outside and interior features.

    Papua New Guinea: you will get to know this country better if you have a car

    Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea is an island country in the Oceania in the south-west of Pacific. Such exotic direction can surprise even the most experienced travelers, as it is one of the few places on the planet where you can see a completely untouched nature and tribes that have customs and traditions of their forefathers. Beach holidays here are simply magnificent, and diving sites are considered the best in the world as such diversity of underwater world most probably can be seen nowhere else.

    When it is better to go to Papua New Guinea?

    Due to the tropical climate the temperature in Papua New Guinea practically does not change throughout the year and ranges from +26 – 30 C. The rainy season starts in October and lasts until April, thus, much more comfortable time to visit is from May to September.

    Here people are very fond of holidays and practically every month, travelers will be able to see the grandiose events and processions. For example, in June in the capital town Port Moresby the Mask Festival is held, while in August - a colorful and unusual Orchids Carnival admired by the ladies the same as by men.

    Holiday characteristics in Papua

    Country capital Port Moresby is the most famous place for tourists visiting the country. There are attractions related to the 19th century, unique nature as well as interesting Botanical Park. Nearby is the perfect place for a beach holiday and diving with white sand and warm sea – Idler's Beach.