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When traveling, you don't feel like using public transport at all? Are taxi services too expensive for you? Then there is the best solution - renting a car. With our service, car rental in the city Muscat (Oman) is easy and fast, and you get quality service from the best rental companies Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar. Every day hundreds of tourists use car rental on our website, because with us it is not only convenient, but also very profitable. Book a car in advance and you can choose any car from an extensive list.

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Rent in the nearest directions from Muscat

    You can rent such a car in any city Oman, even in Muscat.

    Muscat has a large selection of minivans at any rental point. There is an opinion: "How many people, so many opinions." And this even applies to the choice of a car. For example, many people prefer to rent minivans at Muscat. Such a car is very spacious and is ideal for a large company, a large number of seats will give comfort and convenience, and modern equipment will make the trip more pleasant according to Oman.

    The selected car will not have a high ground clearance, but is ideal for city trips on good roads Muscat. The minivan is becoming the best choice for a large family, because due to the high body more space is freed up, the arrangement of the seats encourages space. Minivans are divided into categories, depending on the number of seats, and it's up to you to decide which one is right for your company.

    In fact, such a car will become your most real favorite means of transportation, which will not only delight you, but also all passengers. Traveling through Oman will be much more fun for you.

    Attractions Muscat

    The earliest mention of Muscat was in the "Geography" of the Greek scholar Claudius Ptolemy wrote in the first half of the 2nd century BC. The city with such an ancient history enjoys a great popularity. Muscat is a modern city that has preserved the atmoshpere of the Middle Ages.

    The outposts of the Portuguese, Meran and Jalali, located on the rocky ranges of the bay make it a unique place in its own way. The quaint mosaic of old houses and modern shopping complexes creates an incomparable urban flavor. The heart of the capital is the residence of the ruler of the country Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said located between steep rocky ledges.

    Cultural Heritage

    The quarter of Matrah is often called the Old Muscat, the historic district of the city famous for its market. One of the most ancient eastern markets in the Muslim world is locally known as "Al-Dalam", which translates as "Darkness. " Cornish runs along the coast - it's a long winding street in a modern style decorated with a lot of fountains, bright lanterns and white stone pavements. The modern architecture of Oman is represented by the royal opera building located in Shati Al-Qurm district, it was built by the order of Sultan Qaboos. In the harbor of Muscat there is Fort al-Jalali built by the Portuguese architects that was erected in the 16th century.

    Must-Visit Places