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Rent a car in Guadalajara at competitive prices

To get a car you need:
  • Voucher
  • Driver's license (valid for at least 12 month
  • Credit card
  • Passport

Never before has the process of booking in the city Guadalajara (Mexico) been so simple and straightforward. Choose the required dates, select a car from an extensive list, fill out the contact form and that's it. We will do the rest of the work for you, and after completing the booking process, we will send you a confirmation voucher by email. You will have to present it at the rental office, along with your passport, driver's license and credit card. Remember that the booking must be made in the name of the person whose driver's license will be provided at the rental point, and the credit card must have the entire amount required.

Car classes at

  • Minivan
  • Mini
  • Wagon
  • Suv
  • Full-Size
  • Economical
  • Compact

Rent in the nearest directions from Guadalajara

    You can rent such a car in any city Mexico, even in Guadalajara.

    Rent a station wagon class car in Mexico. There are several rental points in Guadalajara where you will definitely find a suitable car. We don’t forget the exterior of these cars, you just have to pay attention to them, and you will find features that are not characteristic of an ordinary sedan.

    Absolutely unique appearance invites you to plunge into the city life of Guadalajara and become a subject of admiration. There are many types of station wagon finishes, and renters at Guadalajara can offer you the best model.

    By renting such a car, you will ensure your safety, first of all, because it is the station wagons that are awarded the highest awards for the safety of the driver and passengers. The special properties of the structure increase its shock resistance, and modern security systems will help to avoid unpleasant situations, even when traveling on Mexico.

    Attractions Guadalajara

    The cultural capital of Mexico and concurrently the capital of the state of Jalisco is Guadalajara. About 60% of this 1. 5 million city work in tourism and trade.

    But Guadalajara can not be considered an exclusively tourist city, it is Mexico’s largest high-tech center with unofficial name “Mexican Silicon Valley. ”

    Points of Interest and Landmarks of Guadalajara

    The Cathedral of Guadalajara is considered a symbol of the city. It was laid in 1561, a bizarre mixture of Gothic, Neoclassicism and Moorish style. The building is really beautiful. Coming inside, you can understand how the tastes of local residents changed with the saints: The Virgin of Guadalupe, the patroness of Mexico, and Thomas Aquinas, who managed to relate the teachings of Aristotle to the theories of St. Augustine.

    14 bronze galloping horses – the sculpture of Estampida – stand on Jicam Square, but they got here after numerous shifts from place to place.