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Hundreds of tourists every day book a car through our website. Why? Because our service is dominated by low prices, and there are more and more rental points in Mexico. The booking process itself takes place in three steps and does not require specific knowledge from you. All you need to do is choose dates, choose a car that suits your interests and fill out the contact form.

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Car reservation in Mexico

Rental Tips
  • In some countries, crossing the border with a rented car is prohibited by the owners of rental offices, carefully read the "Rental Conditions".
  • If you are traveling with a child, do not forget to indicate the child seat in the additional equipment.

Travel is a way to relax, fill yourself with new strength and naturally see new places and get as many positive emotions as possible. But how to do this if you don't want to travel by public transport, and the transfer services are too expensive and you don't want to have an additional person in the form of a driver in a quiet family company? There is a simple way out - booking a car in Mexico. If you use our server, you can book your car in three easy steps.

  1. You choose the dates for which you rent a car, be careful, you can change them only if you contact us in a timely manner.
  2. From the proposed options, choose the car that you will like not only in terms of the exterior, but will also delight you with its functionality. Pay particular attention to the booking conditions before confirming your choice of car.
  3. Fill in the forms with your details. Be careful when filling out the appropriate forms, because later this data will be indicated on your voucher. Please remember that reservations must be made for the person providing their driver's license and credit card.

After completing your booking, you will be sent a voucher - confirmation by email. It must be printed.

Upon arrival at the rental point, you can purchase additional equipment and all the necessary insurance. Before providing you with the vehicle, the rental office has the full right to request from you your credit card, voucher and driver's license. This is a prerequisite, and therefore carefully check the documents. Payment takes place already upon delivery of the car and you must have the required amount on your credit card. Otherwise, it can lead to undesirable consequences.

Mexico: you will get to know this country better if you have a car


Mexico is a country known for its culture and national traditions. The country with 2 million square metres is located on the south of North America bordering the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific on the west. This region differs with unusual and bizarre nature phenomena, clean beaches and historical sights of architecture.

When it is better to go to Mexico?

Tropical climate of the country is quite dry and warm throughout the year. A huge territory explains minor variations in different areas. In winter the average temperature is +10 C in the North and +25 C in the south, while in the summer it is +15 C and +30 C, respectively. Rains often occur in the southern part of the country, but this does not prevent the tourists to enjoy their holidays. For beach holidays in Mexico it is better to go from June to September.

Country should be visited in February and March, when the famous Mexican Carnival is held. Mexico citizens march in columns through the main streets of the city, demonstrating their unique costumes, dance and give a good mood to everyone around.These carnivals take place on Independence Day on 16th September. On the same day a grand military parade is organized as well as concerts and delightful fireworks.

Characteristics of holidays in Mexico

Visitors need to be prepared for the fact that the English in Mexico is spoken only by 4 percent of the population that mostly lives in an urban capital Mexico City.Official language here is Spanish because most of the population come from Spain. Mexico is a land of cowboys, hot artists and huge cactuses. Mexican Cowboys called charro. Today several villages remained original where in the past true horse riders lived.